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Our biggest liability to Cape Coral

February 9, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Some will have you imagine the city is approaching economic failure, and that the employees are going rouge taking over the city. Some will tell you the city is in picture-perfect shape, and there is nothing wrong. No matter which side of the debate you find yourself on, the monopoly of issues we face as a city, none are as great as the electoral population, or I should say lack of the active electoral population, those who actually vote.

The city of Cape Coral has a residential population of 155,000 plus. Of that population approximately 100,000 are registered voters, which is substantial. The enormous obstruction is an issue not discussed during a campaign. Only 10,000 citizens that is only 10 percent will make the decision on who will pass the primary this year in September and move on to the General Election, which only, if we are lucky, 20,000 people out of 100,000 will actually use the privilege that Americans have given their lives for, and continue to fight for over 200 years. A right, many have taken for granted and few join in.

It is unfortunate that in the era we live, more people do not want to be active and participate in how our local government is operated.

The question is why? Many have tried to answer this question. I, for one, do not have the answer but a personal feeling and feel the blame belongs in part to the elected officials, from President to Dog Catcher, the infighting over the years, the inconsistencies, mudslinging, have driven people by the thousands away, leaving an aversion to our city that we must remedy. We, as part of that small voting percentage, have an obligation, a leadership role to play out for our city. We must look with open minds and pick the candidates that are not in it for their best interests, but for the success of Cape Coral and its citizens. Candidates that will look forward, not just at tomorrow, or the next, but those who look 5, 10, 20 years out, choosing to make the decisions now to better prepare the city for the future. We "20 percenters," we who will have our voice heard, are obligated to stand up for the rest of the city and elect realistic, responsible leaders, leaders who will stand up with the community and not in front of. Let us begin to look forward, as the candidates come out, please put aside what you think you know and research what they can do for and with us as citizens of Cape Coral.

Let's do this for ourselves and the 80,000 non- active participants.

We the citizens are the leaders of this City know as Cape Coral, let us show the majority of residents, we are ready to begin working together and with a little luck and sweat we can begin to involve the entire community.

Richard Leon

Cape Coral



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