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Award nothing to crow about

February 9, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Once again the city of Cape Coral has received an award from The CAFR and the "statesmen" which the public sector unions of Cape Coral have promoted into office are doing "cartwheels" over the receipt of it. For the low information voter out there

I would like to explain that the CAFR report, which every Cape Coral administration has received for the last 26 years is not a report on excellence of handling of the people's money by any administration but merely an acknowledgment of their due diligence in presenting the necessary information required by the CAFR in a timely and esthetic fashion.

In other words city staff, not anyone up there on the perch, are to be given a handshake for doing their jobs. Good grief, will the voting populace out there ever have the lightbulb come on concerning the operation of our city government?

I realize that the majority of the people in the Cape who don't vote do not believe it important enough to cast their ballots on election day because, as I have had it stated to me by many, "most of the people that run for office are socialist pickpockets and are going to do what they want anyway, it's all about the money to them." Well that might be true, especially in today's political environment, but we must remember, it's our money and we do have a choice.

The only way that we as patriotic Americans can ensure that those we elect into office conform to our values and principles is if we know where they are coming from. For some reason or the other, we in Lee County in general and Cape Coral specifically have at large elections and those which are non partisan.

Now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that nonpartisan elections are a good thing for the bad guy and a bad thing for the good guys. Why is that? Because if you know that a runner is a Democrat we all know what he stands for and if a Republican, it is also known what he stands for. This stuff about being an independent or nonpartisan is a bunch of business. As far as I am concerned, when someone tells me that he is an independent or non partisan, to me that phony is a socialist Democrat. Why he doesn't admit it, though, is a problem to us.

Single-member districts are also poison to the bad guys because it will give more control over their particular elected officials to the people who voted them in. Where as if the vote is "shotgunned" which means that everybody votes for everybody then your representative will not have to be concerned about your opinion. He already has your vote, all he has to do is please the many more others that did not vote for him. Think about it, nonpartisan, at large elections are basically the reason that government is not afraid of the people but the people are afraid of their government because it gives the politicians the advantage. In a non bizzarro world it should be the other way around.

Those people we give jobs to and give wealth to and give a very meaning of existence to, should be petrified of the people who gave it to them instead of arrogantly elitist toward them. What is wrong with this picture?

Before the election they come and shake your hand and kiss your babies and other parts of your anatomy to get in. After they get in they slap your hand away, want you to kiss their babies and other parts of their anatomy. What is wrong with this picture?

Please let us as patriotic, hard-working, God-fearing Americans, wake up and smell the coffee - we are being snookered by the less refined who have been hired by we the people to do a job for us not on us.

Don't be dazzled by a phony misrepresentation of a CAFR report. Instead ,read the report and you make a determination of its value.

Finally, as I am certain all private sector working Americans are now blatantly aware financially, America is in deep doodoo, no matter what the spin is, coming from the phonies and their buddies in our midst and the only way we are going to regain control of our money, destiny and children's future is to regain control of our country. One way is nonpartisan elections and single-member districts.

N. Tomacelli

Cape Coral



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