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Time for a change

February 9, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

There comes a time when change is needed.

There is a wonderful opportunity for the City of Cape Coral to make a possible change at the Cape Coral Yacht Club. The contract/lease expires at the snack shack, popularly known as "KC River Stop". The lease expires on June 2013.

Besides the fact they fell behind in payments to the City for their monthly rent, there has been support that the lease was unfair. That the terms were unagreeable, and not in the favor of the proprietor. The proprietors signed that agreement in 2010, willingly.

Is there room for improvement in the contractual agreement? Absolutely, there is always room for improvement. On both sides of the agreement, but quite frankly, the contract should be mutually beneficial with a provision on the side to be a better enhancement to the City of Cape Coral, which is really "We the People." I see no reason why the City shouldn't put the lease out for a request for proposal, (RFP) and see who is attracted.

There is the notion from a few citizens that they don't want to lose the appeal and character of the location. I'm not suggesting a renovation or a closing of the location, but an enhancement in services. Different types of concessions, fresh foods, more variety, and use of a debit card. Did you know that cards are handled at the gas pumps, why not at the front counter? There are a lot of card services out there and it is much more affordable now than people think.

If you have ever eaten at POPS Cafe in City Hall, you can see how a well run "Snack Shop" can offer high quality food items at an affordable cost. Gee, I wonder why the City hasn't considered expanding down to this location with the wonderful Special Populations program? This is a prime location in Cape Coral.

There are many citizens in this community who come from areas where "Seaside Salons" are popular and are true destination sites. If we want to improve Cape Coral with more diversity and a stronger tax base, then we need to move forward, positively and make right decisions for the City.

Let us go out to an RFP and if the proprietors truly are the best of the best who apply, then congratulations, but we won't know until we try, and we shouldn't be afraid to move forward. We have lots of opportunity there, but we have to be wiling to take the initiative to move forward.

City Council will discuss this item on the agenda on Feb. 11. If you want to see Cape Coral move forward, send them an email and suggest they consider an RFP process. Ask them to consider this for the best interest of the citizens.

Eileyn Sobeck-Bador

Cape Coral



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