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Cape Coral City Council can become heroes

January 12, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The Cape Coral Council has an opportunity to demonstrate to the citizenry of the city and to all those across the nation, who value Democracy and morality, that this is a body of elected officials that should be respected and will not be intimidated by a group of loud-mouths who advocate the removal of God, from our homes, from our schools, from our government, and from our lives.

The latest attack, from a group calling themselves The Freedom From Religion Foundation, insists that the Council discontinue a prayer prior to each meeting. Their claim...prayer is hurtful and unnecessary. Prayer is divisive and destructive. And, prayer is inappropriate.

Certainly in a Democracy people have the right to babble any amount of nonsense. Individuals who also believe that they came from monkeys are beyond help and should be ignored. The shame here is that their admitted ancestry was happy with a banana, and these primates won't be satisfied until they destroy morality and ruin the world!

The question now is will the Cape Coral City Council have the guts to stand up to this attack and make us proud of their commitment to democracy and rightness?

Will the Cape Coral City Council finally stop shaking their fist at God, stop saying that "we know better," and discontinue the practice of inviting God's wrath? Or, will our elected officials crumble, give in to the shame that comes with weakness, and permit these forces of evil to prevail?

There is no doubt that indecision or giving in will only serve to fuel additional intrusions into all that has made this great nation the best on earth. Nothing is sacred with those displaying this level of irreverence... and, if you're weak, the American flag will be next! Re-think the hanging of the Ten Commandments in City Hall and show the world that you respect God and you're not afraid to use His direction for our moral foundation.

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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