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Let theater-goers decide

January 5, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I am a big fan of the Cultural Park Theatre but am very concerned about their decision to pull Neil Simon's Rumors. It was reported they canceled the play because of the use of the "F Bomb" after their actors had been rehearing for two months. I found this disturbing on so many levels.

Does this mean we can't see "A Streetcar named Desire" because of its sexuality, or West Side Story because it's too violent or Huck Finn because it uses the "N word"? Are we to be told what we can and can't see at the center because Director Moran says the patrons are mostly 62, female, and religious based.

I have been going there since I moved here four years ago. Not once has anyone asked me what my religion is or how old I am. How can it be taken as fact if there is no questionnaire of the audiences on age and religion?

Being over 62 and female, I can assure him most of us have evolved past the 50s TV shows of married couples sleeping in separate beds and, at this age, we should be allowed to make the decision for ourselves what we will and won't pay to see. And why not try to get a younger generation interested in plays - they aren't reserved for just those in retirement, are they?

I fully agree with the idea of putting up a sign or an Internet warning on their site advising "adult content and profanity." Those who choose to opt out could decide whether to see it or ask for a refund before heading in the theater.

This Neil Simon play has been around for over 20 years. I googled it and see even high schools have staged performances of it.

Why not use the two exits as opinion polls. One could say "loved the show," the other "hated it!" And if you hate one, there are always more to see. That's called decision making.

I don't want the theater deciding what I can and can't watch based on faulty thinking that over 62 and religious people don't want to see a Neil Simon show.

Pat Deptuch

Cape Coral



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