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Why change the law?

December 29, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

There were 26 people either injured or killed in Connecticut. This makes us all sad. But does it really give us a reason to want to modify the Second Amendment?

There are a number of reasons that I want to carry a gun and I would love to have you take a moment and read them. When you consider them, stop and realize how many people's lives might have been saved if these had not been areas where firearms were banned.

I do not feel adequate to protect myself or my family when I am facing three bad guys in an alley unless I have a gun. Carrying a gun does makes me feel more prepared in a case like this. I carry a gun because I understand the limits of government.

I understand that today the world has become an inherently evil place, but I choose to die in bed at a ripe old age, not on a sidewalk tomorrow. Carrying a gun makes life inherently wonderful for me because of the many people who make it meaningful for me.

Carrying a gun does not make me "feel like a man" but makes me feel like a person who can protect themselves and the ones I love. Carrying a gun does not mean that I'm paranoid but it does mean that I realize there are real threats out there in this world.

I do not want to carry a gun and kill people, but I want to protect myself and the ones I love from getting killed. I realized the police will tell you not to try to protect yourself but to call the police. Police protection is an oxymoron. The police do not protect you, they respond when they know you need protection but sometimes it's too late. So the only thing you can do is protect yourself. Do not wait for the police to come and try to find out who did it.

I do not want to die because I am too young. I have come to realize though, that I am too old to take any type of whipping.

Mary West

Cape Coral



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