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Road to perdition

November 17, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Now that the elections are over and the honorable Obama has remained in place along with the advent of legalized marijuana, same sex marriage and acceptance of many trillions of dollars, and more of national indebtedness, the words of my 90-year-old buddy Harry Beeman have more strength of meaning to me when he says to me "Hey Joe, we have stayed too long at the fair!"

Good Lord, how the man is loaded with wisdom.

Our nation is well on its way to heading to hell in a hand basket with the rejection of Romney and the re-acceptance of Obama as our head man here in the United States of America. With all the goings on of the "hands out" attitude of our present day populous we are a long way down the road to a third world status which, if uncorrected, will most certainly pour our entire nation down the drain along with Harry and myself.

Will things change and wisdom prevail?

I certainly do hope so, but I sadly have to give more credence to the words of my buddy and agree with the old bird "sad to say."

Joseph Curran

Cape Coral



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