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Electorate needs to be involved

November 17, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It has been four days since Election Day, Nov. 6, 2012; and I've been speaking with a number of people concerning the outcome of this election. President Obama has another four years to serve our great nation as President. Our congressional and executive branch leadership is communicating to the nation that they are going to commence to cooperate to resolve issues with our Tax Code, Medicare, and Social Security. That they're going to resolve the issues with the debt. That deadlocked legislative sessions are something of the past. This is all fine and good - but there is a requirement on each citizen's part to be proactive in our government.

My fellow citizens - it is our responsibility to lead our representatives in the direction we want our nation and local communities to take in all facets of civic leadership. Just for our own local government here in Cape Coral, Fla. Each resident of Cape Coral need to contact their respective representatives to communicate our real needs and issues. I recommend that more citizens in Cape Coral become more involved in the local government. How the decisions are made and are heard at the monthly Cape Coral Council Board Meetings.

This last election is systemic of a very narrow lead - it was a very tight electorate vote throughout the nation that decided who would lead our nation on the executive branch side. It is not a clear, clean majority on our leadership. This was also displayed here in the State of Florida - even though Florida as of today's date hadn't submitted its election results. We hear from our elected leadership that the issues previous to Nov. 6, 2012, have been decided. That we need to move forward and get the programs of the winning side enacted and legislated into law. Wait - these issues have not gone away- they are still issues and we need to communicate this to our leaders. What are those issues - that is for each citizen to decide and communicate in a written letter, mailed via the USPS to their respective representative. Oh - you can write an email which is the quick and easy method - but, were you really heard? Oh - you get a pre-programmed timely response back - but did the representative really read and comprehend what you wanted to communicate?

I would recommend that you write them a letter and request a written response back. If every American did that with our congressional representation prior to the enactment of the new Healthcare Law, I would guarantee you our representatives would have read the legislation prior to casting their vote.

Be active! Be heard! Let each of us over the next four years not be part of the gallery - we need to be a chorus in a "Greek Tragedy" singing in unison to be heard.

Richard W. Peppe

Cape Coral



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