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Thank you, Commissioner Bigelow

November 17, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Thank you Commissioner Brian Bigelow for your splendid support for environmental initiatives throughout your six-year tenure on the Board of Lee County Commissioners. I have watched you vote on environmental and conservation issues throughout those six years. Your vote at the Regional Planning Council against the ill- conceived town of Babcock Ranch was the biggest one while other Lee County Commissioners voted for it. Your vote against the development of Corkscrew Woods which is in a water sensitive area in the DRGR was exemplary while other commissioners voted for it .

You know what Walk to Work is and did not favor the Diamond Industrial Complex idea for it is in prime panther habitat and will destroy the pristine lands that surround the SW International Airport and the FGCU, while other commissioners favor paving over this beautiful area. They have no clue as to what Walk to Work means and, if so, do not care about it or they even favor putting housing developments in that area. while Veronica Shoemaker Blvd. and even N. Metro Parkway remain undeveloped and languishing.

Brian, time after time, you have favored other environmental issues that the other commissioners did not favor. You are the only commissioner I could completely trust on supporting conservation issues. Again, a big thank you. Your support of the environment has been outstanding,

Commissioners Kiker and Pendergrass are you listening? The environmental community can only hope that both of you will not favor destroying uplands and wetlands in the county and not support any developments or mines in panther habitat. We need another two Brian Bigelows on the commission who will not condone urban sprawl what-so-ever and hope you will concentrate on developing the nearly half a million lots that are found in Lehigh, Cape Coral, and the county. No more gated communities or developments on county wetlands and uplands especially N. Olga or Alva.

Commissioner Bigelow, the environmental communities salutes you and wishes you all the best. We will miss you.

Carl Veaux

Cape Coral

I speak for all the wild animals.



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