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Gordon letter ‘great’

November 10, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I write the following to letter writer Irwin Gordon:

Your letter to the Jewish voters in a Florida newspaper was great.

Please, pay no attention to the hateful responses to your letter from most

of the people, Jewish and not Jewish, who certainly are Obama supporters.

Do you remember that 78 percent of the Jewish vote went for Jimmy Carter in

1976 election?

Israel does not need support of these self-hating Jews. Israel was

victorious in all six wars it had fought since 1948 and will win the next

war without their and Obama's help.

Bellow is e-mail I also sent recently to Michael Goodwin, journalist in New

York Post.

Hello Mr. Goodwin:

Thank you for your timely article "Disdain is the stain on Obama" which

deals with a bewildering mystery of Obama fooling so many people whom you

called "suckers in 2008." I am happy that you are no longer one of them.

You wrote that Obama has contempt for people and you added: "I'm still

wondering how he hid that contempt from so many people for so long." Many

people had mentioned that Obama reminds them of Jimmy Carter. In 1980 I

published my book "Jimmy Carter, Provocateur-in- Chief" and re-published it

in 2012. There, on p. 93, you might find an answer to your wondering. I

think that both Carter and Obama have a magnified, out-of-sight vision of

themselves, a phenomena known as "Messiah Complex." That magnified vision

is contagious which might explain why Carter and Obama had been elected in

the first place and "hid that contempt from so many people for so long."

All my books are listed on Attached are advertisings for "First

Jewish President" and my memoir "From Hell to Paradise - Life Story of a

Gulag Survivor." I would be happy to send them to you if you provide me

with you postal address.


Roman Brackman

New York, NY



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