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An open letter to the Jewish population

November 2, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

My name is Irwin Gordon and I split my time between Cape Coral, Fla. and Pigeon Forge, Tenn. I do not represent any organization or group. I am writing this on my own volition because I am scared.

I grew up in what you would describe as a "liberal" Jewish environment. We went to a conservative synagogue where, when we were growing up, keeping kosher and certain other Jewish traditions was the norm. We went to Hebrew and Sunday school and participated in United Synagogue Youth and (BBYO B'nai Brith Youth Organization). Every young boy upon reaching the age of 13 was bar mitzvah. Bat mitzvahs (for girls) were not recognized in the mid 50s.

We learned about Jewish traditions and customs. Large segments of our Hebrew and Sunday school classes were spent learning about Israel. Israel was a relatively young nation so a lot was not known about it. We did learn that it was an arid, desert that Jews worldwide supported, cultivated and made into habitable land. It was the Jewish homeland a place where Jews would always be welcome. We learned that Israel is describe in the Torah.

The older generation including my friends and my grandparents and parents contributed vast amounts of hard-earned money in support of the fledgling country. I remember those Yom Kippur appeals for donations for Israel. There was Federation; United Jewish Appeal, The Jewish National Fund and many other organizations collecting money from Jews around the world. Each Sunday at Sunday school we would bring Tzedakah (charity) money that went to Israel. Through all of this, we developed a true love for Israel.

Unfortunately, today the Jewish community either are uneducated about Israel or just don't care. I do not see the love for this tiny country in the dessert today as I did when I was much younger.

Time has a way of making things and situations less important. Apparently, Israel has not only become "inconvenient" for Barack Obama but for a large group of Jews in the United States as well. There is simply no explanation for any Jew-and that's the majority of them-who would support Obama in the next election.

Not only is he NOT a "friend" of Israel's, but I don't think he's much of a friend of the Jewish people, either. This is a guy who is purely focused on getting the reliable votes of a reliably liberal group while busily stabbing them in the back because the truth is that he doesn't believe in or see the necessity of a Jewish state.

Jews have a tendency-because of their own struggles-to come down on the side of helping everyone, especially the underdog. The U.S. civil rights movement is certainly a case in point. Jews were in the forefront of equalizing the freedoms everyone in this country has.

It would seem, however, that Obama could publically denounce Israel and still get 70 percent of the Jewish vote. He has no respect for Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Israel which is a sovereign state. Some of those votes come from "Jews" who want a hard left line and are perfectly willing to throw Israel under the bus to accomplish that goal.

Israel is surrounded by countries, people and radical organizations that want to totally annihilate the country and push its citizens into the sea. As American Jews we cannot and must not let that happen.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said "The existence of the Zionist regime is an insult to all humanity." Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy told Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh that "Egypt and Palestine are one entity." Turkey, once a friend and ally of Israel, has been transformed into an Islamic republic which has slammed its door in Israel's face.

Egypt, Israel's peace partner, has been taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood. Syria is overwhelmed by savage forces, none of them reasonable or less hate-filled toward Israel than the other. Lebanon's Hezbollah is an Iranian puppet. And Iran and Iraq, once enemies, now cooperate to overcome the Western World and produce a map with no Israel.

Israel is a free, peace-loving country of natives and survivors, immigrants fleeing the worst nightmare of persecution that mankind has yet to invent and impose on their fellow men. If Israel goes, not far behind their demise will be the demise of our great country. Israel is the only country in the Mid East that is our friend and ally.

Being of Jewish ancestry I will be politically incorrect, but being perfectly honest in my thoughts.

Barack Obama is dangerously close to being the anti-Semite that holds the most powerful job in the world. But, he allows Israel no support from the United States. We may have had anti-Semitic presidents in the past, but they at least were professional enough to know that they needed to support Israel and the Jewish people.

This guy does not support Israel or the Jews. I'm pretty sure that any Jew who supports him is supporting him for the wrong reasons and will live to regret that support.

Barack Obama doesn't deserve a single Jewish vote, much less 70 percent of them. When you go to the polls to vote, please remember this Letter to the Editor and make a wise and educated decision.

Irwin A. Gordon

Cape Coral



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