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Vote No on Amendment 3

October 20, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

As voters in Florida, we will all see 11 constitutional amendments on our ballots, which I urge voters to take the time to educate themselves on before they cast their vote. Some of these amendments are quite complicated and lengthy. One of these amendments, that voters need to be aware of and vote no on is, Amendment 3.

Amendment 3 is nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing. It will force deeper cuts on top of the cuts that have already been made to our schools, senior services, and police and fire departments around the State of Florida. Amendment 3 puts a complicated revenue limit into the state's constitution that will only result in additional cuts to issues that are so important to us all, like schools, roads, and health care and senior programs. This unnecessary and deceptive amendment places a greater burden on families to pick up the cost of services.

A similar measure was passed in Colorado in 1992 known as TABOR and has since been suspended due to its disastrous consequences. Citizens saw increases in their property taxes, overcrowded classrooms, and cuts to senior home care. To this day, Colorado is still clawing its way out from under TABOR. Why Florida would try something that has failed miserably somewhere else is beyond me.

Currently in Florida, just 2 percent of corporations pay taxes, while working people and homeowners foot the bill for the schools, roads, and other services that benefit everyone including those corporations. Amendment 3 does nothing to make sure corporations and wealthy individuals pay their fair share of taxes.

Amendment 3 is deceptive and complicated, and it will cause more problems for Florida than it solves. We'll end up with more confusion and less accountability in state government. It is unfair to our children and unfair to middle class families.

Please get out and vote, and be sure to vote NO on Amendment 3.

Brendan Fonock

Cape Coral



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