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Make an informed choice

October 6, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It is another Presidential Election and we've been bombarded with commercials from special interest groups, PAC's and approved Presidential Candidates. The interesting aspect of these commercials indicates that each candidate has a solution to the economic and political issues of our time. Political issues can be resolved at numerous levels of government - local, state or federal government. Most feel that the issues that we face today can only be resolved and addressed at the federal level. While others take the Jeffersonian View of government which is a local and state government are more representative of the people and each location has a specific implementation of issues based upon the local demographics.

Since the 1960s there has been an effort on the part of the Federal Government to become more involved in local and state issues. Granted there has been a need for the federal government to get involved to guarantee the rights and liberties for all citizens of the United States. The Civil Rights movement of the 1960s is one such example. As we remember and read our state laws since each state has confirmed and adopted these laws at the state and local level with monitoring systems put in place to insure that the standards of these laws are maintained. As with the Civil Rights laws which have been implemented they supported individual rights for all citizens. They enhanced the U.S. Constitutional Guarantees our founders wanted for all citizens of our great nation.

What we are seeing today is a "brain washing" propaganda campaign taking place which is limiting and eroding our constitutional liberties and freedoms.

With ObamaCare we are seeing the Supreme Court indicating that the Federal Government has the right to TAX us and force us to purchase health insurance. And this insurance will be supplemented with a $716 million dollar withdrawal from Medicare.

Here is a question for all of us to contemplate - how will the diminished dollars from Medicare of $716 Million guarantee the saving of this particular entitlement program as promised by one presidential candidate in the current commercials being viewed on television and radio?

How will the voucher program cost an additional $6400 a year for each senior citizen?

Is the voucher system which is being advertised a singular answer to the healthcare debate or is it one part of maintaining Medicare as a promised program made up of several solutions that will be offered simultaneously with other healthcare options to enhance and sustain Medicare?

Don't let scare tactics cloud your decisions on programs in place or being offered.

And remember, it takes Congress and state House representatives in each individual state to implement these programs. And as we all know there is no "blank-check" offered by the House of Representatives or the Senate to provide a clear passing of what is being offered by the candidates today. Conversation, debate, and compromise will be the rule of the government. So what is being sold to us now can be completely changed by the time it passes and is submitted for signature to the president or the governor.

I know the answer to these questions but it is not my way to provide the answer - the only way for the voting public to gain insight and answers to these questions is through their own research to gain an enlightened view to base their decisions prior to entering the voting booth.

I can tell you that I love the nation that I have grown up. This nation was based upon the United States Constitution; providing and proving the individual liberty with individual responsibility has been the success factor of our government of the people and for the people. This is another pivotal election for our nation. Yes - one pivotal election because each generation has a decision point to make to ensure that our unique form of government is maintained or changes.

It is of the utmost importance for each of us to read cover to cover our constitution. It is important that we remember our founding fathers thoughts concerning individual liberties as it relates to limited government. Then we must go to the polls to make the individual decision as to whom will be our local, state and federal representatives. Don't make your decision based upon commercial or sound bites make them on a basic review of each candidate's plan and their past success factors.

Richard (Dick) W. Peppe

Cape Coral



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