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How did we get here?

October 6, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

At the age of 89, closing in on the big 90, figure along with the ride shortly ahead into the great beyond, I would like to ask for an answer before I go, to how in the hell our great nation got itself into a figure of 16 trillion dollars of debt, how we got there and just who it is that we owe all that green? Somebody must know how we've acquired this number and how. Come on out of the woodwork and tell us all if for no other reason than curiosity. You gotta exist, I do believe, if there is any truth to the entire idea. Is it truthful? Do you exist? Huh?

I know that 1 trillion is a million million dollars. How do you count to that figure? And a trillion is also a thousand billion dollars. Another mind stunning number, let alone a number 16 times as great "of indebtedness."

Somebody must be tweeting the horn some place in this world for this old goat to buy that one. I sure can't fathom it in my own imagination. Maybe I'm simply a dummy, but that don't fit in my thinking process. I'd sure like to know who the chain puller is before I die. Any chance?

Joe Curran

Cape Coral



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