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Consider the options

September 29, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

A bereaved family is asking the city of Cape Coral to help prevent another family from suffering their devastating heartache.

The family of Alexie Rai Krill, who died Saturday at the age of 24 after she drove through the sharp L-turn and into the canal at Beach Parkway and Surfside Boulevard, wants a barrier built. They say the intersection is dangerous.

A company has volunteered to construct that barrier and Alexie's family and friends have set up a fund in the young college student's memory to pay for it.

We don't profess to know the technical determining factors for adding a barrier in addition to the stop sign at the turn.

But we do know that it has not been the first fatality at that intersection, nor has it been the first car-into-canal death at similarly marked intersections.

Councilmember Chris Chulakes-Leetz's family suffered a similar loss in 2005 when a loved one died at the age of 21 after driving his car into a Cape canal while driving south down Surfside at Beach. Due to Hurricane Wilma, the reflective markings were missing. There was no traffic barrier marking the roadway's end.

Councilmember Chulakes-Leetz, who was not in office then, went to the city's Traffic Advisory Committee to get something done. He says no changes were made.

In the wake of the latest tragedy, the council member has asked the TAC to take another look.

As well they should. As should city staff.

Again, we concede that it may well be that this intersection and ones similar do not meet the criteria established by the city for additional traffic control devices up to and including a barrier.

But we point out that this did not stop the Cape city council from demanding the county disregard its own parameters, and those of the state, to take another look at the installation of a traffic light at Del Prado Boulevard and Northeast Third Terrace after 13-year-old Ryan Santos was struck by a car while riding his bike to a neighborhood park.

The county looked, reconsidered, and agreed to the light, with the $300,000 cost donated by the RaceTrac at the intersection.

Evaluation, and re-evaluation, of options does not hurt.

Doing nothing could cost another life.

- Breeze editorial



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