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Mayor’s comments offensive

August 11, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

On Sunday, Aug. 5, in the News-Press Cape Coral section, there was a guest opinion written by Cape Coral Mayor Sullivan, with his comments regarding the open mic incident. I found his comments to be offensive, and he seems to have a constant penchant for creating hate and dissension amongst his peers on the council, city staff and citizens of the community. He seems to have a major tendency to distorting facts. He only hears what he wants to hear.

It is one thing, to give his opinion , to reveal facts as he believes them to be, but to malign a fellow councilman, whom he refers to as a retired detective, rather than his name, and in a later sentence, he wonders how many innocent people went to jail based on false perception created by this retired detective. I find that statement reprehensible! He has no evidence to support such a statement and it's despicable and beneath the dignity of the office he holds. I find it truly amazing that he feels his integrity was insulted, yet in his writing he insults some of his peers integrity.

For two years, under the Mayor's leadership, (prior to the present council) meetings were held regarding the UEP, and nothing was accomplished. We all know because of his diatribe, both before and after he was elected, that he is against the UEP. That is his right, but other members of the council, also have their right as to their beliefs.

After the open mic incident, the city manager drafted a memo, regarding the incident, and explained as to what took place, that it was a dry run of the presentation he and staff were going to present to council. One must assume and presume that during the dry run, critiques of presenters, by other staff members, so as to fine tune the presentation, were done. The city manager had those in attendance, (that report to him) review the memo, and initial it,if that was their recollection. The mayor makes a referred innuendo that staff initialized it because they had to, or because they were trying to protect the city manager. I don't believe either of those things! I am confident, that if the facts in the memo were not accurate, the city attorney and/or city auditor would have come forth. Mr. Szerlag is a very professional city manager, with many years of experience, and I feel strongly that he has great integrity, and I trust the explanation that his memo stated.

Walter V. Sprenger

Cape Coral



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