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‘Sunset’ of charter board was a dumb move

June 30, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

On the 11th of June, the so called slick six on the Cape Coral city council flaunted their sloughing toward totalitarianism ideology and agenda by, again, moving to silence the voice of the people of Cape Coral by "sun setting: the Cape Coral Charter Review Commission. It is indeed ironic that this terminology should be used in dismissing the commission as it is becoming apparent that, due to their obvious ducks-crossing-the-road, voting posture, thus far, that "sunset" to them is as important as our Constitution is to any of that ideological bent. However, I am not certain that anyone in the Cape would be concerned, considering our citizens far less then exemplary voter turnout record. Maybe, in the final analysis, that is their preference.

I must, however, congratulate the organizers, for the apropos choice of, backbenchers who will produce results for the team and disregard public consternation for their inept decisions, such as spending thirteen million bucks for vacant land because, as one of the slicks stated, "It is good for a city's standing to have an abundance of vacant land." This is truly profound since we all know that the one thing Cape Coral needs more of is vacant land. It makes one wonder concerning their priorities, when instead of returning the excess funds to the people in the form of a refund on their already outrageous utility bills, they chose to buy vacant land. Dumb.

It appears and many believe that the reason the Charter Review Commission was "sunsetted" is primarily due to the fact that like the "dismissed" former Financial Advisory Committee, the majority of those on the commission were pro the best interests of the citizens of Cape Coral and con the parasitical special interest groups who would love to not only employ sticky fingers with both hands on the Cape's golden eggs, but also snatch the goose as well.

The proposal this commission endeavored to bring before council, as required by the City Charter, was one concerning single-member districts which give the individual citizen more control over their elected officials, as opposed to a multi-member election district system, which is what we have now. The use of single-member districts creates a stronger link between representatives and their constituencies because each representative is beholden to a specific geographically defined constituency wherein legislative accountability to that constituency would be greatly facilitated, with emphasis on the word "accountability."

Such accountability is to the citizens in your district who voted for you, as opposed to a special interest group, bankrolling and thus advantageously manipulating an embarrassingly low voter participation election. Sound familiar?.

Therefore, in order to insure that, in the future, this sort of manipulation would not reoccur, single-member district elections would be the answer.

For the edification of some of our, less then knowledgeable council people, contrary to the misguided notion of some, it would not be possible for the committee to bypass council and have such a recommendation placed on the ballot, without first bringing it before council for a vote. However, apparently the slicks were erroneously "tipped off" that such action was being contemplated by the committee. I don't know who the "deep throat" was, but apparently their mental acumen is as sharp as the slicks who swallowed it hook, line and sinker and hastily moved, apparently in panic mode, to dismiss the committee and thus simply wound up contributing to their already evident incompetence quotient. Fortunately for the concerned electorate the personal agenda driven politician will always step on himself, as they say, giving the people a true picture of his intent. We in the Cape are unfortunately all to familiar with this sort.

Poor Cape Coral, will we ever get it right. One thing is for sure, taking into consideration our ticking time bomb of unfunded liabilities, our serious real estate foreclosure situation, the woeful lack of financial adroitness by the majority of our present "leaders" and their questionable decisions, God willing, this council will go down as either the most fortunate bunch of bumblers or, if things go south financially, the most mortifying bunch of destructive amateurs ever to sit in our council seats. My neighbors' thoughts lean towards the latter.

Maybe, after all, we should not have a display of the Ten Commandments displayed above their heads, because then this body would be an embarrassment to its presence.

Perhaps the three monkeys would be more appropriate, see nothing , hear nothing, say nothing, because we don't know nothing. God help the Cape.

S.N Tomacelli

Cape Coral



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