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How much longer?

June 16, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

How much longer will the construction continue on the Cape Coral Toll Plaza?

"It's all tied to the Midpoint Bridge reconstruction as well so it actually goes back a year and a half, two years," said David Loveland, director, Lee County Department of Transportation. One would assume that he would know exactly how long!

I realize that Midpoint reconstruction caused an excess of traffic on the Cape Coral bridge, but that has been completed. There is and has been heavy equipment sitting there for a long time and most of the time, not being used. How many times have we passed through the toll plaza and seen no one working? If you owned a construction company and had just a few good workers, how long would this project have taken you? Are there penalties for cost or time over-runs?

How many accidents has this construction caused? Have you ever noticed how they only scraped the stripes out and painted new ones? Can you imagine how difficult it is to ride a motorcycle over them? Can you see why our "Northern visitors" have difficulty trying to understand where they are to drive as they pass through? Why didn't they simply apply a temporary blacktop and paint new lines as is done on most road construction jobs?

Mary West

Cape Coral



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