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Watering ordinance does not address the issues

May 12, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The only two Council members who are looking out for the homeowners of Cape Coral are Mayor Sullivan and Chris Leetz. I say that because they were the only two who voted against an ordinance which gives the city staff the right to declare an irrigation water emergency and limit watering lawns to one day a week for no more than four hours.

The excuse given was that the level of water in our fresh water canals was getting too low. If that is a problem, then one must ask why we do not find another source of water to mix with the treated sewer water?

In addition, no attempt was made by those other council members who voted for the ordinance, to find out why the city loses up to 19 million gallons of water on Tuesdays, which is a day when no one is allowed to use irrigation water. That is enough water to water up to 42,000 homes. If we are losing that much on Tuesdays, one could assume we are losing that much every day of the week. Do we have massive leaks that need to be fixed? No one knows, and if anything is being done, it is woefully inadequate.

According to the last Census, the city population is about 154,000. I must ask those other council members who want to move our city "forward" (Translation: Grow to over 200,000 residents), if we cannot meet the watering needs of 154,000 people, how will they supply the watering needs of 200,000 people? Why would people want to come and live here and pay some of the highest taxes in Lee County and then be told the money they invested in trying to make their homes look beautiful, would all be a waste? Why indeed!

Sal Grosso

Cape Coral



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