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Ratepayers should have come first

April 28, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to let the residents know what kind of people we have sitting on the Cape Coral City Council. They have been called the "Slick Six." The six members that make up this majority Council are: Derrick Donnell, Kevin McGrail, Marty McClain, John Carioscia, Lenny Nesta and Rana Erbrick. This majority Council (Slick Six) has proclaimed over and over that lowering the preposterous water bills in Cape Coral is a priority. Their answer was to forge ahead with the Utility Expansion Project during a time when the residents are suffering from a decadent economy. Not only will this end up hurting the ratepayers instead of helping them, but now we find out that they had almost 13 MILLION dollars available in the Water, Sewer and Stormwater Funds that should have been used to lower water bills giving relief to the ratepayers. Why was this withheld from the residents who are struggling to survive in this terrible economy? Why did this Council act as if there was no other avenue (other than starting up the UEP) to lowering these staggering water bills? Almost 13 MILLION dollars that belonged to the residents that should have been used to lower water bills that many residents are finding it difficult to pay!

You ask, what happened to this 13 MILLION dollars? Well, instead of giving relief to the ratepayers, this Council decided to buy foreclosed land with this money. They didn't buy 10 acres or 20 acres or even 100 acres. The City Council and Administration bought 652 acres. What is going on behind closed doors here? Does this appear to be a Council that cares about your problems?

This City government has now assumed the role of a realty company. Is it the City Council and Administrations job to buy this much land with no plans for it? Are there pockets being lined here? This certainly does not seem to be an enterprise that our city government should be involved in. A further investigation is warranted here! This majority Council (Slick Six) have shown that they can not be trusted.

There is also a conflict of interest involved when the City Government buys this much foreclosed land when they are the cause of such foreclosures with the Utility Expansion Project, past and future. Now we can see why this majority City Council does not appear to care about the timing of the UEP, since our loss of land will benefit those self-serving entities at City Hall. This City Council (Slick Six) has shown themselves as self-serving individuals with no compassion for the Cape Coral residents, leaving us to fend for ourselves. It is time to stop fending and start fighting! This will only get worse if you continue to remain silent. This is your calling. Cape Coral City Government is not a government for the people, it is now a city government for itself.

Tony Elia

Cape Coral



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