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Commission disgrace

April 28, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The suggestion to limit Commissioner requests of county staff for information relating to county business is dead wrong, and serves to show the advocates as being pompous and arrogant pinheads oblivious to the will of the people!

It's shocking to think that a Commissioner, an elected official, would have a concern about an issue and he would be told by a clerk that he could not have the requested information. Talk about arrogance, a lack of propriety, and a misunderstanding of "chain of command authority" - this takes the cake!

Commissioners are the peoples' representatives. They are expressly elected to uphold the reputation, the honesty, and the integrity of the community. They are expected to protect the present and the future for the residents today and those yet to come. It's an enormous responsibility and they will be held accountable if there is found to be a dereliction of duty.

In order to perform the difficult tasks prescribed by the job the commissioners need full and complete access to any and all information requested and it's absolutely unconscionable to suggest that a member of the commissioners support team should have the authority to "muzzle" their boss.

This is nothing short of a breach of public trust and if this action has been suggested by the county manager she should be fired! If this ludicrous idea is being supported by any county commissioner, those commissioners should be ashamed of themselves!

I want my commissioners to be free to represent me no less than 100 percent by having full and unmitigated access to every bit of information they deem important to the running of the county. It's called transparency, and truthfulness, and professionalism and it all boils down to commissioners are elected officials, they work for and speak for the people, and they do not take orders from subordinates!

Any commissioner who either suggested or supported this travesty needs to withdraw the proposal and apologize to the citizens of Lee County. No babbling, just apologize!

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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