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Land extravaganza

April 21, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Have you heard the latest extravaganza? Cape Coral City Council, "the Slick Six," bought 652 acres of land. Really? Why did they hold a "Special Meeting" and purchase this land? Hello?? Was is cheap? You think? Only about $13 million!

What a bargain!!

Why do we really need this land? Do the "Slick Six" really know? Hello? Don't you just love it? $6 million dollars was transferred from the "water/sewer fund" and about $6 million from the "storm water fund" to pay for 652 acres of land that they really don't know how to utilize yet. Isn't it great?

Our utility bills, water/sewer/irrigation, are skyrocketing, yet the "Slick Six" are buying extra land? What a joke! Hello? What happened to common sense? Non-existent? How about lowering the city's debt? What's wrong with lowering our utility bills?? Hello!!! When will this happen??? Ever??? Hello????

Erick Kuehn

Cape Coral



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