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‘Profiling’ embedded in human nature

April 14, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The subject is profiling!

From earliest life we learn to discriminate what is good or bad for us. Infants seek warmth, nourishment and various other needful things. When they are not forthcoming, a wail, all out of proportion to their size, corrects the environment.

As the child ages it learns from various means what is safe and what is not safe. Parents tell their children to "stay away from those bad people" and bad places. The parent wishes to protect their progeny from injury or other harm.

This protective system most likely had its genesis at the onset of humankind. It is a protective system to help us to survive. Man learned that certain animalscertain people. certain placescould cause harm and so they were categorized as harmful or bad. Profiling is a protective shortcut whose origins are steeped in fact. The decision to possibly put oneself in danger is at the discretion of the individual. It is a preference to act safely or to risk some unpleasant event.

We profile many things in life. We profile what we seek in a spouse. What we seek in a vehicle that will possibly change how others profile us. Advertisers profile us seeking certain demographics. They tempt us daily with items that will show us in various ways how to look better, smell better, or live better. All this is profiling.

One may choose to use the term profiling or preference but regardless of what term is selected by the individual it is not the province of someone else to say that your preference is right or wrong.

If someone so chooses to condemn you for having a preference based on whatever you use as a criteria it is none of their concern.

I will most likely be criticized for my remarks by others. I may be called the most vile of names. Epithets if you will. I care not. My preferences are mine and no one has the right to select what I like or dislike. Broccoli notwithstanding and I will have none of it!

Joseph L. Kibitlewski, Ph.D.

Professor of Criminal Justice



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