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City of Cape Coral shopping spree for land

April 14, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Last Friday the city of Cape Coral came out and did the most unprecedented land acquisition out in the northwest area of Cape Coral. They ordered their employees to go out and bid on 652 acres of land that had supposedly fallen into foreclosure and are doing so regardless of whether or not that land is useable for buildout or if they have the funds to do so.

If you remember, several years back, a German man who owned land on the west side of Burnt Store Road wanted to build a state-of-the-art small motel which would have included a butterfly atrium.

His reasoning would be to help promote the tourist industry in the most lacking tourist city of Lee County, Cape Coral.

He was told by the city that the land was not conducive for build out.The neighbors were suspicious of this attraction as they were not welcoming any such hospitality into their neighborhood.

Now regardless of what the citizens want or need, the city went out and purchased 652 acres of land towards future use of the sub stations or pump stations for UEP useage in the northwest Cape. Where have we heard this before?

Who is paying for this gross oversight of spending that the city supposedly does not have due to previous city mismanagements that incurred huge debt to the taxpayers who live here?

Did this council look into the possibility of no capable build out in this area? Did the city of Cape Coral do a projection from the state or federal government about the economic future growth of this country and or this area about its economic progression in the next five or 10 years? And finally, what banks and or private citizens will benefit from this enormous spending fiasco?

Certainly not the taxpayers or citizens of Cape Coral who for years have had to witness an overall decline in the appearance of this city from wasteful planning and spending.

The grand theft of Wall Street that caused a severe decline in our real estate and current appearance of foreclosure blitz, mismanagement, over taxation, and last but not least, over billing for the UEP. Was the UEP audit ever finished?

Did the city ever sell the giant multimillion dollar recycle-the-poop pellet machine to some other county or city that could use it ? Or do more millions of dollars still sit to waste in the dirt.

It is a shame that this city government hasn't taken a good look at what they are doing or haven't done to encourage positive growth through private sector clean industries, and apply for grant fundings that I have been told are still available. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a quaint downtown as nice as Fort Myers or Punta Gorda?

The fact is that this city is still spending taxpayers' monies without due respect to those who live here or appropriate dollars to fix all the issues that have constantly caused rise to the debt it holds. Appropriate consideration from the county as well as other city governments, who have moved ahead in these difficult financial times will probably give proper insight towards better government economics and appropriate conservative spending.

Deborah Green

Cape Coral



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