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Government intervention provides for better health care

April 7, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The basic problem in health care in the United States is the lack of ability of many to recognize that the private capital system does not work well for all without government intervention. If we are not willing to allow those without the ability to pay go without health care then there is a need for governments involvement.

Unfortunately, today the polarization of our Congress and campaign monies precludes a good solution.

Among the "rich nations" in the world we rank at the bottom in the delivery of health care, notwithstanding it is the best for those who can afford it. We can argue our life style, particularly obesity, affects our life expectancy, but there is no argument for our being down on infant mortality. It is ironic that our strong right to life view seems to end with birth.

Our cost of health care, at 17 percent of our gross domestic product (GDP) and growing, is approaching twice the GDP rate in the industrial world. Taiwan's new health care system for all is only 7 percent of its GDP.

As a rich nation we can and must do better.

The issue of the Mandate that is now before the Supreme Court is really a conservative methodology promoted by the Heritage Foundation for universal coverage.

Today, nine non-elected individuals all politically appointed, will determine health care instead of the 535 elected members of Congress.

Arnold E. Kempe

Cape Coral



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