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Mayor Sullivan a credit to Cape Coral

April 7, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Mayor John Sullivan has established himself as being a man of the people, by the people, and for the people. By stepping up to the plate with a brilliant idea for the Cape.we should all be proud to consider him the heart and soul of our city on the grow.

The clever conception, comes from the heart of a good man who is determined to raise the Cape's awareness levels around the county, the state, and the nation. To show the city as being a warm, friendly, and caring community. And, by doing so, also succeed in encouraging sorely needed economic development.

People every where will respect and admire the Cape.and they will be inclined to visit here, bring businesses here, build homes and locate their families here.and we will have taken a giant step towards revitalization.

This extraordinary idea is creative, simple, and spectacular. Mayor Sullivan wants to make the Cape the first in the nation to construct an Iraqi war hero monument and memorial, to honor our brave men and women who have served America with grace, dignity, and distinction.

I'm saluting the Mayor. Everyone I speak to about this prospect reflects both admiration and great anticipation.

I look forward to the Council giving the Mayor a standing ovation. And, without hesitation, I firmly believe that every well-meaning American will feel the need to ask "how can I help."

There's nothing divisive here and the council needs to endorse this decisively.

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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