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Concerns about park center around planned amphitheater

April 7, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I am writing about the comments that were made to your reporter, Tiffany Repecki, for the article in the Cape Coral Breeze dated March 31, 2012 at the groundbreaking at Cape Christian Fellowship

The statement made by Parks & Recreation Director, Steve Pohlman that there were pros and cons when Jim Jeffers Park was being built. How does the Parks & Recreation director not know that Jeffers Park does not include an amphitheater? Therefore, the Jeffers Park Neighborhood does not get an extra 5,000 people and over 1000 cars to that area. So how does he compare these two parks? He also stated that the church is going to be sensitive to their impact on the neighbors. How are they planning to do this?

In addition, our property values, which are now low, will drop with the building of this amphitheater. Who would want to buy a home, build a home or rent in an area with excessive noise and traffic? Pohlman also stated that statistics show parks raise property values. This may be true, but not one park in Cape Coral has an amphitheater to substantiate his claims. This is not a blight area that needs improvements. The homes that were built in the area from 2002, were mostly built by retirees and families for a peaceful quite life.

Also, Pastor Gingerich stated that when the park is completed it will include an amphitheater according to his plans, which will serve the community and the locals.

The locals that live in the surrounding area of the church have no problem with the multi age playgrounds, water area, and pavilion. We are NOT against the park. Putting in a passive park would be a lovely addition to the neighborhood. As of the date, we have spoken to approximately 50 families that do not want the amphitheater.

Again, our only problem is with a 5,000-person amphitheater, and a 700-car parking lot. The church/pastors state that they can control the sound by putting up bushes and trees to make a sound barrier, which is even more insulting to our intelligence. Music from concerts, events, or whatever use is planned for the amphitheater will disturb the quality of life for the residents in the area.

The extra traffic that will be coming into the area; will not only impact the immediate church area, but it will encompass all the streets from Veterans to Trafalgar both sides of Chiquita, the homes across the Progressive Canal, including Southwest 17th Place and all the small side streets within at least a 1/2 mile radius or more. If 5,000 people attend, with a minimum of four per car that is approximately 1,250 cars. There are just 700 parking spaces available on the church property. Where will the remaining 550 cars park (on all the vacant lots and streets in the neighborhood.)? If these events are free, more people will attend then with a paid event.

This residential area is not the place for an amphitheater.

William & Suzette Tirelli

Representing the area residents



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