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Park plan raises concerns

March 31, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Last Saturday March 17, you wrote an article in The Cape Coral Breeze about the planned project by Cape Christian Fellowship Church. In the article was a quote by our District 3 Councilman Lenny Nesta, "I thing this is an excellent idea. It is good for the neighborhood, for the children and I think they (the church) will be responsible to their neighbors, such as noise and other issues. It's better to have the kids in the park than on the streets."

I would like to know how the councilman knows that this is good for the neighborhood when he never inquired with one person who lives in the surrounding area of the church how they feel about this project?

He also said the church will be responsible to the neighbors for things such as noise. I would like to know how you can keep the noise down from bands playing when you have an outside concert? The streets that separate the church property from the nearby homes are only 20 feet wide. When the bands are playing, does the sound know not to cross the street?

Let's be honest here, the music will be heard at least a half a mile away in all directions, maybe even further. There is nothing from stopping it from traveling off of the church property. Also, if you watched the news broadcast about this on NBC on March 19, Pastor Wolf was interviewed and he even said, when you have an outside event there is going to be noise. If you didn't see it, I have it taped.


No one from the church or Councilman Nesta has addressed this issue. The pastor said he expects 5,000 people to attend these events. If two people come in each car that is 2,500 cars. The pastor said he would have 700 parking spaces. Where are the rest of these cars going to park? As I stated above the three streets surrounding the church property are only 20 feet wide.


Who is going to make sure that after dark that teenagers aren't going to be hanging out in the park making noise, drinking beer or doing drugs? Is the area being fenced in?

Back in 1999 when the pastor submitted his plans to build his church, office building and auditorium there weren't many homes in the area. But this is 2012 and since 2005 about 30 homes have been built. Most of the people who built are retirees who worked all their lives and want to get out of the cold and settled in Cape Coral because of the peace and quite that this one family home community had to offer.

If the church had adhered to its original plans, there would be no problems.

Also, how can Councilmember Nesta who was elected by the people of this community, and is supposed to look out for them, not listen to their concerns about this project? The church patrons did not elect him.

Thank you.

William & Suzette Tirelli

Cape Coral



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