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Fear mongering used to advance UEP

February 25, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

My district Councilman, Kevin McGrail, is at it again. Councilman McGrail has habitually stepped on the residents in his district, stabbing us in the back to benefit his special interests. We are the ones that he is supposed to represent and protect!

Councilman McGrail is spreading fear to the residents of Cape Coral by spreading rumors through the media that we are in danger because there is not enough water to put out fires, therefore water must be installed. Fear is the devil's tool. This is Councilman McGrail's way of pushing the installation of water pipes in north Cape Coral where water is not yet needed or warranted. In his push for needless spending of our hard-earned money, this councilman has become our enemy. Councilman McGrail's deceitful plan will cost us thousands more in assessments than if they install them with sewer pipes when they are actually needed. We, the residents will have to pay twice for the streets and lawns to be dug up. The only reasoning for this is corruption. We have heard our water is not drinkable even though we have R/O systems in our homes (Councilman Carioscia is still trying to sell this lie to us). We have heard that we are using outhouses in north Cape Coral. We have heard that our septic tanks are leeching. Now we hear that we do not have enough water to put out fires. These lies, deceitful exploits and corruption must stop.

They are also deceiving the ratepayers whose water bills will not go down. They will in fact go up since they will have to pay for the void when thousands of empty lots are given back to the city suddenly because the assessments owed is more than three times what the property is worth. If this majority Council would treat us fairly by finding the lowest possible cost and building when there are enough residents in a certain area that warrant sewer and water installation this would not be such a destructive issue. I suppose this is too much to ask for.

It's a funny thing with greed, they're never satisfied. We must fight this City Council's destructive behavior. email them at COUNCIL@CAPECORAL.NET and let Councilman McGrail know that you do not appreciate him selling you out to his special interests and that you will not be robbed without a fight !

It is not too late. Get your signs and voice ready...

Tony Elia

Cape Coral



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