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Trick or treat?

October 8, 2011
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I would say - trick. The wolves are now dressed in sheep's clothing. Isn't it strange that after Brandt and Deile were heartily trounced in the primary election, all of a sudden there is enough money in the budget to prevent layoffs of police, fire and city employees? Amazing.

Even the "I don't get mad, I get even" mayor has slipped into sheep's clothing. No more talk about outsourcing police and fire. Simply amazing.

Don't be fooled just because it's almost Halloween. Brandt and Deile will raise holy havoc on the city if re-elected. They didn't know how to run the city when first elected, and four years later they still do not understand how to effectively run this city. They probably are part of the reason that Cape Coral was named one of the worst places to live (according to the media), and including the rest of the "not so fab five."

In the beginning, I said this was a trick, but we can certainly turn it into a treat by voting out Brandt and Deile. The next to go will be the mayor and the dethroning of the King, who claims he deserves more money because he was hired at less than the previous outgoing city manager. You got more than you deserved, since you don't have half the qualifications or experience that Terry Stewart possesses. And really - $400 for debate questions - take it out of your bonus.

One other thing, Deile, all of my family, friends and neighbors who voted against you in the primary are not connected with the union.

Happy Halloween everyone. Please get out and vote.

Al Boyd Sr.

Cape Coral



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