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‘Of Spiders and Falcons’

New Cape Coral resident describes his planned 18-book Exodus Saga series

October 15, 2010

A Cape Coral resident discovered his passion of writing when he was a young man and was determined to publish his first book, which became a reality last year.

Author Jason Jones, a food and beverage director at the Naples Harbour Yacht Club is originally from Monroe, Wis. After relocating to Florida, he first lived in Naples before becoming a resident of Cape Coral a month ago.

He said he began writing notes about characters and plots for his fantasy saga book ideas more than 10 years ago. All of his thoughts and ideas filled 20 spiral notebooks that he kept in a green laundry basket. Although he still has the laundry basket full of his notes, he said the pencil and pen he used are starting to fade.

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Auhor Jason R. Jones

His inspiration for his epic fantasy-themed books came from him playing Dungeon and Dragons when he will little, along with dressing up as Darth Vador for two Halloweens in a row when he was younger.

"I loved history, medieval and fantasy stuff," he said.

He originally began writing the book in 1998, but admitting he had a difficult time piecing everything together. It was not until he faced his own personal life struggles that enabled him to stay focused on the book, so he could finish it. He said writing the book brought a positive aspect to his life again.

The 35-year-old began writing his first novel in May of last year, which he said has a very realistic, epic fantasy theme. He finished the 416-page book in the Exodus Saga "Of Spiders and Falcons," in November.

Jones said when he writes he listens to music while sitting outside because the fresh air helps his creativity flow.

"Wherever I get fresh air, I write," he said.

He said his first book is the first installment of 18 books in his series, which is the story of five heros. The five heros are all flawed in their own ways due to their different struggles and walks of life. He said he wanted to portray the dark villains - both men and women - in his series because they are equally as important.

The first quartet of the series takes readers through a journey of learning about the heros, their definitions and direction of finding the Holy Land. The second and third quartet is about the heros rebuilding and defending the Holy Land and the fourth quartet is about the characters making a stand.

Jones said the final two books of the series are "just wow."

He said it was a huge accomplishment for him to see his first book published.

The book also features illustrations from Jenna T. Lefevre.

Jones said he guarantees that all 18 books will be written because he has already assigned each book a title and a plot.

The second book of the Exodus Saga series "Of Dragons and Crowns" is coming soon.

Jones said he hopes that within the next couple of years he will have a few more published books, so he can dedicate all of his time to writing and traveling to places around the world for more inspiration.



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