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Congratulations Terry Stewart!

January 23, 2010
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Cape's loss will be the Beach's gain. Terry Stewart was Cape's city manager for almost eight years. In my opinion he's probably as good a manager as the Cape will ever have. Certainly he was a far better city manager at the time of his leaving than when he was hired in 2002.

I think Terry must be feeling a sense of vindication. If he isn't, he should. Terry came out on top against two former county managers, including one who was Lee County's longest-serving manager, and another town manager. I applaud the Fort Myers Beach council for recognizing the capabilities and professionalism that Terry will bring to your city in spite of the baseless, unwarranted and negative press that was attached to him by the grass roots weeds and bumpy road gang during the Cape's past election.

The incoming mayor and his gang wanted Terry gone simply because they perceived him to be a threat. Some people only want to hear their version of the "facts" as they know them. Terry had the ability and the knowledge to tell it as it is, much to the chagrin of the misinformed. The mayor and company wanted only the sound of their clanging bell of corruption, collusion and misdeeds, albeit absent of any proof whatsoever. Terry was the fall guy, the villain to blame for the economy going south, the mortgage crisis and the foreclosures. Hell, I'm surprised the swine flu pandemic wasn't pinned on him as well.

While the beach's process to find a city manager is over the Cape's process is just beginning and what a horrible waste of time and money for something that did not have to and never should have happened in the first place. It's unfortunate that the political climate in Cape Coral forced Terry to resign. He was very protective of our city and did his utmost to promote our community in a proper image contrary to the negativity that has been cast against it by the mayor and his friends.

At this point one has to wonder who would ever want to come into this volatile political climate and be micro managed at the same time.

Ralph LePera

Cape Coral



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