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OMDT carpet cleaners gets it clean but keeps it green

November 20, 2008
Just talking about having to get your carpets and floors cleaned makes most home owners cringe.

Whether it’s the hours of soggy carpet afterwards, the hassle of having to move all your furniture, the chance you could get mold, or the noisy machines, it’s a pain to have your carpets cleaned.

Now, there is a company located in Southwest Florida whose cleaning service not only eliminates all of the hassle of traditional carpet cleaning methods, but also guarantees your carpets are dry within one minute.

Located in Naples, and founded in 2005 by Robert Spitzer, One Minute Dry Time utilizes the most advanced cleaning system in the industry. Even more impressive is that the technique is 100 percent “green.”

“Our carpet cleaning uses an all organic citrus compound with special equipment that gently massages the compound throughout the carpet fibers,” explains Spitzer. “This exfoliates and absorbs the dirt, dust mites, bacteria, pet and environmental allergens, and even mold.”

To back up his company’s claims that “once you use our method you will never rent one of those machines again” he offers the best set of guarantees in the industry.

“We guarantee it four ways,” says Spitzer. “It’s free if it’s not dry within one minute; a 30-day spot removal guarantee-if any of the spots or stains we removed reappear within 30 days we will come back free of charge and remove them again; a 7 day ‘oops’ guarantee-if you have any spills or new stains within 7 days of your cleaning, we will come back and clean them for free; and a 200 percent money back guarantee. Plus, if you aren’t happy after the first application we will redo it for free.”

Spitzer’s service not only does a better job of cleaning your carpets and is 100 percent green, he is also helping to save one of our planets most precious resources-water.

“Traditional carpet cleaning methods use about 1.25 million gallons of water to clean the same amount of carpet,” explains Spitzer. “We use none which not only reduces the energy resources that goes along with heating the water, but it also eliminates the sewer and waste disposal problems related to contaminated water after carpets are cleaned.”

For more information on One Minute Dry Time’s services and to receive a free price estimate you can visit them online at: or give them a call at their Lee County offices at 437-5520.


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