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Kangaroo court hopping to false conclusion for impeachment

November 1, 2019

To the editor: In the impeachment hearings that are in progress note the connection between the Democrats and fake news....

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Nov-01-19 9:03 AM

At this point one must be as dumb as a stump to not realize the greatest threat to the USA & our basic freedoms is the New Democrat Communist Party backed by a Democrat Communist controlled "press" Pelosi, Schiff and other millionaire psychotic hypocrite Trump haters should be tarred and feathered before being jailed. Desperate to win but without a chance the enemies of freedom, the Democrat Communists now throw anything against the wall - with nothing sticking - completely neglecting their duties to their own voters and country that they so desperately want to destroy. TRUMP 2020! Save America from the Democrat Communist Party Criminals! National disgrace. Hopefully the new report will get some of these Democrat criminals like Hillary, Biden, Comey & Brennan finally in prison. THE report! Another reason the Democrat Communists are in a panic to get Trump. TRUMP 2020!

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Nov-01-19 5:43 PM

Trump is a wannabe leader who isn't. The spineless GOP in the Senate will keep his butt in office but they will all pay at the polls next year. This letter writer is then welcome to return to whatever s^#thole country his ancestors came from

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Nov-01-19 8:23 PM

net, a much more rational outcome prediction - that the American citizen fed up with years (millions) wasted on revenge and hate by Democrat Communist Hypocrites and not spent on the People business, minorities esp. Blacks finally realizing that the DemoCommunists have never been their friends & have only used them since slavery as pawns. Rational fair people disgusted by radical fraud climate wack jobs, Jew haters and the absolute clueless promoting Communism here & ruining our schools & city's. Fake Indian frauds to gun grabbing spoiled brat Betos to Crazy Biden strong arming foreign governments to National Disgrace's Pelosi & Schiff - Democrat Communists continue to THANKFULLY dig their own graves. Republican Prez - Senate - House 2020!! TRUMP 2020! MAKING AMERICA GREATER THAN EVER!

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Nov-02-19 2:25 PM

MR. John AB for Rooney's seat! This evil impeach sham is no different than the mueller sham. A desperate Democrat disgrace. Net what has this to do with ancestors and your funny rage issues? I missed it? anyway, I misspoke about "beto O'Rourke (Latino Irishman? Confusing?)Is he Latin? No idea. Did I miss som-pin or is that pandering at its most basic? Lol! Ring Ring! Hi, I'm beto Spoiled O'Snowflake and I'm here to take away your guns & Constitutional Rights. Lol!! Poor flake would probably have had bad luck in my neighborhood. Anyway, beto the brat cashed in. One less clown on the Democrat Clown Bus Show! Lol!! Join The NRA Today! REPUBLICAN-PREZ-SENATE-HOUSE-SUPREAME COURT-And still thinking about buying Greenland for mineral wealth, military and the new TRUMP LAS VEGAS NORTH RESORTS! NEW JOBS & COZY PARKAS FOR REINDEER! 2020 TRUMP TERRITORY! WHAT A GUY!! THANK YOU!

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Nov-04-19 3:22 AM

Excuse me, but doesn’t law enforcement usually question/examine and interrogate witnesses in private, or with their representatives only, present? Aren’t depositions done the same way? There are GOP Representatives questioning them on the committee as well. Soon, there will be public presentations as well. It is the same as Republicans did during the Clinton email investigations. Of course this is just faux complaining to incite the bobble heads. Next they will try to distract by attacking the facts and changing the subject from their loose cannon’s lawless actions. He is not only a criminal, he’s a stupid one.

“It was a perfect call.” What a laugh!

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Nov-04-19 7:34 AM

Excuse me anticorp If its President Trump you are running down again because you can't cope with Hillary and your anti-USA "values" being REJECTED by the USA - and just can't seem to get over it as an adult - Then anty - To SHOW THAT Y-O-U have credibility - WHAT SPECIFICALLY HAS PRESIDFENT TRUMP DONE THAT IS LAWLESS? TELL US ALL!! Lol!! WHY SPECIFICALLY IS HE A "STUPID CRIMINAL"? CAN Y-O-U PROVE IT?? Lol!! ANTY CAN Y-O-U DISPROVE THAT IT WAS A "PERFECT CALL"? I heard it & read it - PERFECT! Anty once again do *Y-O-U* have ANYTHING *SPECIFIC OR FACTUAL* TO ADD - OR JUST MORE CHILDISH HATE TRUMP SICKNESS YOU FEEL A DESPERATE NEED TO SPREAD AS ALWAYS TO SOMEHOW MAKE YOURSELF FEEL BETTER? anticorp Please list your life accomplishments compared to the "stupid criminal" Trump. I'll wait because so far your hate based unproven opinions seems as useless as used toilet paper.

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Nov-04-19 9:18 AM

Lol!! More morning laughter! Lol!! THATS GOOD!! “It was a perfect call.” "What a laugh!" OK Lol!! Pretty please, CAN ANY DEMOCRAT READING THIS tell everyone how it was "imperfect" or illegal - in detail and specifically site the law(s) broken. After your specifics Lol!! THEN Please tell all how YOU are charging Trump for something unproven, totally legal and called for by the constitution (AS WELL AS THE "CALL" EVEN BEING PUBLISHED - STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH! LOL!!) BUT **ignore** Biden actually strong arming a country to take the heat off his son? Not only PROVEN BY HIS OWN WORDS but even bragged about on TV? How do Democrats "liberals" live in this upside down world of total self delusion and massive hypocrisy and still look in mirrors? Answer? Easy. Hate Trumps All Reason and Trump Trumps Haters! AGAIN! 2020!

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Nov-04-19 9:55 AM

As I said, Wing Nuts change the subject or attack the facts without exculpatory evidence, of course.

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Nov-04-19 10:28 AM

But anti YOU haven't presented ANY facts? No evidence OF ANYTHING!! Lol!! NADA!! Lol!! Just bad gas and low IQ calling Trump stupid and a criminal BUT when asked countless times to show YOUR adult proof? Here you are again with NUTHIN?? Lol!! Just a big fat nuthinburger coated with Trump hate!! Lol!! Got facts? Show em or keep ravin & RUNNIN - what you do best illustrated below. Can any Democrat help anticorp as again - so far, he's got a big -0- in credibility. Again. Lol!!

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Nov-04-19 2:17 PM

Rut Row - The Rats are jumping ship.

“WASHINGTON, Nov 4 (Reuters) - Two U.S. career diplomats told the Trump impeachment inquiry that they did not feel supported by the State Department under President Donald Trump and that the department was being used for domestic political purposes, according to transcripts of their testimony released on Monday.”

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Nov-04-19 2:35 PM

Way to go Republicans!!!!

"Iran announced Monday a more than tenfold increase in enriched uranium production following a series of steps back from commitments under a 2015 nuclear deal abandoned by the United States."

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Nov-04-19 3:53 PM

Rut Row!! - Lol!! How Typical!! Lol!! LOOK!! The rats are changing subjects cause they Still have nuthin!! Lol!! Rats a-ravin & a-runnin. As always. One wonders how totally brain dead one must be to trust Obama's Iranians, under any agreement? Lol!! How silly!! As Always. TRUMP 2020! REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT-SENATE-HOUSE-COURT 2020! Keeping American safe from the runnin ravin -0- credibility, "liberal" nuthinburgers that can -never- -EVER- back their hate speech, proven countless times, weekly. Lol!! Which is perfect & needed to be seen and always exposed, N/C - A public service!

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Nov-05-19 7:29 AM

Trump is very concerned about rooting out corruption just not when it is his National Security Adviser, his campaign manager, his son in law, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, his daughter, his fraudulent charity, his fake University, his Secretary of the Interior, his Secretary of Education, his Secretary of the Treasury, his Secretary of State, his Transportation Secretary, his Attorney General, the Ukrainians giving illegal campaign contributions to him, or Rudy (the State Department asked me to do it) Giuliani.

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Nov-05-19 8:42 AM

Numbs, Oh My!! On a roll!! Lol! lets just take a handful of these folks you charge with corruption (while YOU -ignore- Biden's bragging about his -REAL- corruption)Daughter & son-in-law corrupt? PROVE IT. When? Where? Att. General corrupt? PROVE IT. The Ukraine's giving money for Trumps re-election? PROVE IT.(DUH! They worked against Trumps election with Hillary & Obama)Charged Rudy with what? State It -Prove it. Why is Trump responsible for Saudi corruption? He is? PROVE IT. Obviously what we have here is another "liberal" Trump hater showing the terrible effects of near terminal long term bad basement gas exposure and the - "Lets Git Him! For What? Doesn't matter! I hate him!" virus. Once again proving when you have -0- facts like ALL "liberals" residing here - just Trump hate speech, cause U still sob cause Hillary lost, you still get a big -0- credibility rating.

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Nov-05-19 7:32 PM

Trumpet Orifice I want to thank our great president for providing me with so much fun with words! He’s quite the FAKE president with the FAKE hair! I love him. Trump for 3020! MAGA: Misdirected Americans Gone Astray Moron Authoritarian Gets Acceptance Make Americans Gag Again Master At Gaffe Antics Makes Anyone Go Away Masses Against Gangster Aldulterer More Altercations Going Awry Minor Actor Guesses Again Monster’s Acts Genuinely Assessed Many Asinine Gargantuan Actions Most Active Gastric Action Mean Archconservative Gaining Acidity

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Nov-05-19 7:34 PM

TRUMP: Totally Repugnant Useless Mummified President Terrestial Rodent Under Masked President Tyrant’s Rise Under Moral Pretense True Republican Undoubtedly Misses Piety Testy Rapist Used Many People True Rapist Understands My Point Trustless Runt Usurps Modern Progress Tantrum ******* Undermies Mores Profoundly Teetering Redhead Upchucks Massive Pile Theatric Ruffian Undergoes Meaningless Psychotherapy Tactless Ruler Unsophisticated Machiavellian Practitioner The Reality User Massacred Politeness

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Nov-06-19 5:59 AM

It is sad to see that there may be many more bad people in SWFL than I ever imagined there could be. Everyone I know loves and supports our great leader, President Trump, but I'm starting to see evidence that there may be many traitors living here in secret. I had hoped that we in SWFL would be able to escape the violence of the coming Civil War but am beginning to think that many here may die too.

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Nov-06-19 9:19 AM

Did anyone tell Paul the 3rd grade recess bell already rang? Agreed Lestino but not always bad, often just basically stupid, mostly emotion driven, and ignorant - a product of "liberal" destroyed public "education" which makes it easy for hucksters, liars, and race baiters like Obama Hillary, Pelosi, Cortez, backed by a 24/7 Trump Hate News broadcast and an internet 99% now fully controlled by DemoCommunists (Ex. GOOGLE - FACEBOOK - FAKE "FACT CK" SITES) to take advantage of their weak minds. The typical "liberal" "Paul" and the childish hate based comments he spews represents a person that has nothing left, can't debate simply because, who can defend the indefensible or blatant hypocrisy like voting for a Democrat border wall - but against - the same - Trump wall and STILL can't explain why or the illness shown by charging Trump for something but ignoring REAL crime by Biden!

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Nov-06-19 9:43 AM

The other major problem poised to ruin Florida is the ignorant or "liberal" moving here from their already ruined Democrat Communist city's and states and bringing their "liberal" DemoCommunism with them which of course eventually ruins everything like the already Democrat ruined high tax, tent cities, gun grabbing, states and city's they flee from. One only need look at the long term Democrat Communist control of our corrupt poverty stricken wasteland cities and our long dead "liberal" ruined public education money pit system across this country to fully understand that the cancer of Democrat Communism must be eradicated here in the USA or freedom is lost for us, Florida and the world. TRUMP 2020!

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Nov-06-19 3:32 PM

Lestino needs to meet more people outside of the jailhouse he's in now.

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Nov-07-19 8:53 AM

WHAT A LAUGH our Frequent Commenters are ! ! ! -- One speaks so much of HYPOCRISY : Well Sir, America was FOUNDED in HYPOCRISY -- All those fine and shining words from The Elite of the Day, words of "Freedom" -- “Freedom” for “us”, yes, indeed -- But slavery for whomsoever we can kidnap from Africa ! ! !

And even now, what does "Freedom" mean to so many of you deluded GoPer-Folk ? ? : It means CONSCIENCELESSNESS, it means the freedom to freely take Advantage of and to Cheat your Fellow Man and then to Lie to his Face and to Trick him with Impunity -- Why, indeed, to do so with Admiration and Accolade from your fellow Elite$ and Wannabee Elite$ ! ! !

A few of the more egregious examples out of TORRENTS of your abuses :

The Earth Generally, Coal Surface Mining in Appalachia, Boeing Crashes, PP&G California Fires, RoundUp Monsanto, Flint/Michigan, The Trump Swarm, etc, etc . . . .

BTW : The Earth is OURS, NOT just YOURS ! ! !

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Nov-07-19 8:55 AM

Lesty needs to Google "Our Great Leader" ! ! !

( Uproarious Mega-Chuckles and then some ! ! ! )

My sides are splitting -- HELP ! ! !

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Nov-07-19 10:32 AM

Lol!! Watch that BP allenwoll!! Lol!! You're on a roll today! There's also a full moon coming soon(Really gets em stirred up) So who exactly is responsible for California fires and Boeing crashes? Little ol me? I mean you said "your abuses" Roundup is my/who's fault exactly? You seem to lashing out blindly? Very confusing? Lol!! Are you ok? Do you have a name, phone and address label sewn in your jacket? "The Earth is yours"? Not mine anymore? Lol!! Geezzz I was just starting to get comfortable here to. Lol!! THIS - is why we must re-elect THE GREATEST PRESIDENT IN MODERN HISTORY!! DONALD J. TRUMP 2020 MAKING AMERICA THE GREATEST ITS EVER BEEN!!

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Nov-07-19 10:37 AM

Excruciating DULLNESS has descended upon our Li'l GoPers : Is THAT not just the cutest ? ? ?

YES, you DIMM-Wits : IT IS YOUR FAULT ! ! ! -- IN-directly, but nevertheless YOURS ! ! !

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Nov-07-19 1:27 PM

It was so nice here - no long term out of control irrational hate mongering for almost a week but sadly, it's returned.

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