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Media polls: Figures lie and liars figure

August 23, 2019

To the editor: Polling mis-information is now the leader in the “fake news” filling our air waves these days. Frankly, the reports are disingenuous, deliberately mis-leading, and absolutely shameful....

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Aug-23-19 5:14 AM

LOL! Polls! Hillary by a landslide! LOL!

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Aug-23-19 6:21 AM

Spoken like the "Chosen One" Dick!

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Aug-23-19 9:09 AM

Dick says, “. . . the media chooses to "make-up" statistics either for the sake of altering our opinions, creating fear, or manipulating elections “.

Now, to interpret Dick's ravings properly, one has got to realize that he sees the politics of the Right simply awash in Truth and Reason while he sees those of the Left likewise awash, but in LIES and EVIL INTENTIONS of the worst imaginable sort and extent, in a scheme based upon “fake news” and “made-up” polls..

WoW ! ! . WHO/WHAT is this awesome “Media” thing with which we are confronted ? ? ?

Is this “Media” some sort of Mysterious Closed Evil Cabal, a Cabal which deliberately and efficiently obstructs all entry from the Right, a Cabal so powerful that the Right, what with its practically unlimited financial resources, simply cannot find the means or the will to counter and protect itself ? ? ?

Continued above . . .

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Aug-23-19 9:11 AM

Continued from below . . .

One must ask, just who are the interests supporting this Evil Cabal against the seemingly resourceful but defenseless Right and what are their motives ? ? ?

Alternatively, does Dick claim that the profession of Journalism somehow automatically shifts (POOF !) the political viewpoints of so many (NOT all) of its practitioners away from HIS, that is, from the Right, and subsequently automatically shifts them towards the Left ? ? ? -- The result being an overall Media unfairly slanted to the Left politically.

If such a shift is in fact the case, just what is it about the character and workings of the profession of Journalism which causes this remarkable and frequent automatic shift to the Left ? ? ?

I fear that Dick is NOT going to like the answer to any of these questions ! ! !

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Aug-24-19 9:42 AM

The fact that the senile gasbag allenwoll doesn't get that real "journalism" in this country is long dead replaced by far left opinion makers/hate mongers with a hate Trump agenda spreading fake news is amazing but fully understandable. The fact that 95% of the media is "Liberal" owned, backed, and fully "Liberal" slanted with a full hate Trump agenda shows how out of touch & delusional senile & evil hate mongers like this really are. Lestino nailed it!! Hillary by a landslide! "Liberal" Fake "News" - "Liberal" Fake "Polls". Enemies of the USA.

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Aug-24-19 10:39 AM

NBy -- Just WHY is 95% of the Media Liberal owned or slanted ? ? (Your claim).

Surely BigMoney could afford to operate more than just FOX NON-News !

Tell Us, NBy, Tell Us : Fake-Up at least SOMETHING ! ! ! . EXPLAIN it, Li'l Feller : Do it NOW ! ! !

You see, your position is simply ABSOLUTE, UTTER NONSENSE like most GoPer NOISE ! ! !

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Aug-24-19 1:50 PM

Allenwoll, if I didn't already understand your condition of being a hate mongering senile old gasbag I would be concerned. Fortunately for society you're irrelevant, like water off a ducks back.

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Aug-24-19 2:14 PM

NBy -- ibid.

As I figured, you have simply swallowed the Rightist Poli-Propaganda WHOLE and have not got the slightest inkling of the facts of the topic ! ! !

Alas, and regrettably, you are far, FAR from alone. . Tisque ! ! !

And you name ME a gasbag : Chuckle ! ! !

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Aug-24-19 11:03 PM

Absolutely shameful:

"European leader PUBLICLY shuts down Trump on first day of G7 summit"

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Aug-25-19 1:43 PM

President Trump inked a new deal with Japan today which will be great for both countries esp. our farmers and ranchers which should help offset any issues raised by continuing to punish the Chinese Commies and their rip-off of America on trade and IT theft on a grand scale. Great Job Trump!! Amazing Guy!! Great G7 despite the fake news hate mongers!!Europe only wishes their economy was like ours. Most in financial trouble due to socialism practices. Socialized "Healthcare" in the toilet. Germany heading for major money problems. Illegal "immigrants" ruining their cultures. Europe, What a mess! America First and Always!! Thank You Sir Donald!! President For Life!! Great Deal Today!

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Aug-25-19 1:50 PM

Understand another 200 miles of wall completed!! Great Job Trump!! Why did Democrats and their voters all call for, vote for and fund walls for year after year? Even the Great Racial Fraud Obama even said "We must protect our borders from mass illegal immigration" and caged and separated families.(all the while luring them here)Yet suddenly since Trump, they're now against walls & borders? No libby lunatic can seem to answer for their glaring double standard, long term, hate based, sick hypocrisy.

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Aug-25-19 5:04 PM

Once againMr. Kalfus is right on point! The disgraced media is still attempting to sabotage the will of the people by attempting to provide false polling data. Shame on the media and Kudos to Mr. Kalfus for his posting!

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Aug-25-19 5:28 PM


Please respond to my earlier comment below, which begins as follows :

" NBy -- Just WHY is 95% of the Media Liberal owned or slanted ? ? (Your claim) ".

WHY are (IF THEY ARE) the Media slanted toward Liberal views ? . . Is not any group -- even Conservatives -- free to found an institution of the Media ? ? ? . WHY has the Right made only one well-known effort to create Conservative-Friendly Media (FOX NON-News) ? ? ? . If you can/will NOT answer these questions, then please refrain from further silly, ignorant and pointless comments ! ! !

You Extremist Rightists simply (as usual) work hard to perpetuate your little silly MYTHS of PoliPropaganda : In FACT, MOST Media are NOT slated to the Liberal view : Rather, they are simply slanted toward the verifiable and/or obvious TRUTH ! ! !

WHAT is stopping the founding of Conservative Media ? ? ? -- Slanted toward YOUR LIES ? ?

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Aug-25-19 6:03 PM

Its truly amazing. I've never seen or heard of anyone being so wrong on every, even the most basic of issues! Every Time! Uncanny! One only needs to look at the super "liberal" ownership of the Democrat hate networks and their TV puppets - The newspaper hate networks like the NY Slimes. BIG Time "liberal" owned & operated. Facebook, Google all with the same hate Trump hate Conservative agenda, backing and ownership. To deny these facts would make you an even bigger fool than I realized allenwoll and that's really really saying something!!

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Aug-25-19 6:35 PM

NBy -- Speaking of amazing -- Your complete and utter inability to grasp a simple, well-defined issue IS INDEED truly AMAZING ! ! !

Given : Your Rabid Right has practically UNLIMITED financial resources ! !

WHY*O*WHY does it NOT simply create its own Conservative-Friendly Media ! ! ! . There is NO statute law preventing the same ! ! !

WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY ! ! ! and *W*H*Y* ? ? ? ? ? ? WHY ?

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Aug-25-19 8:41 PM

NBy & DrC :::

WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY ! ! ! and *W*H*Y* ? ? ? ? ? ? --- WHY ?

( Mega-Hyper-Chuckles for you two sillies ) ! ! !

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Aug-26-19 6:40 AM

Is it just me or does Boris Johnson and Individual 1 look like a modern day Dumb and Dumber! I know that's insulting to Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels characters as they were much more cogent and well-mannered and had better haircuts!

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Aug-26-19 8:03 AM

But hate monger ultra-hypocrite allenwoll There -is- a Conservative news channel called Fox, which sadly for brain dead "liberal" hypocrite malcontents is BY FAR the most popular news channel in the Nation. Compare that to CNN the "liberal" liars network which currently is in 13th place behind the Cartoon Network!! I'll donate a TV to your family so you can get caught up on life. lolol!! Why Why Why Why Why Why Why allenwoll are YOU sooo stupid?? Numbnutz living at home at 51 with Mom, with a night job sweeping up at Mickie D's? Numbnutz YOU of ALL PEOPLE shouldn't be calling ANYONE dumb!! What a pair of losers!! lololol!! Great Job President Trump!! Great Job Conservative Fox!! The NUMBER ONE NEWS NETWORK IN THE NATION!

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Aug-26-19 8:40 AM

Nmbntz -- No, it is NOT just you : I see it just so ! !

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Aug-26-19 9:03 AM

NBy -- SO: If the extremist views of Radical "Conservatism" are being so well represented by the FOX NON-”News” channel, what on earth is your problem ? ? ?

ImO, you li'l cretins are quite uncomfortable knowing that your Extremist Right-Wing views simply CAN NOT withstand the onslaught of the OBVIOUS TRUTHS being delivered to We The People by the other Media, the Truth-Slanted Media.

But anyway, you silly but dangerous GoPers have unlimited resources : Why do you not just create some more FOX NON-News channels ? ? ? . You could run them “48-hours per day” just like Fuehrer DONALD Duck commanded in his historic impersonation of Adolph during WW-2.

Reference : “Der Fuehrer's Face”, a 1942 Disney wartime propaganda cartoon featuring Donald Duck (inspired by Spike Jones' playing of the song written by Oliver Wallace)

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Aug-26-19 10:15 AM

Obviously this out of control senile madman is missing his glorious time spent at the camps just doesn't understand that Conservatives don't need a huge proven time and time again fully corrupt "liberal" run media to hide the Truth. Which is why Fox News is more popular than --all-- "liberal" "news networks" combined. ANY time a media becomes owned by one political party, in this sad case in the USA 95% owned and run by "liberals" Obama and Clinton donors(fools) Its bad news for any country. It would not matter "liberal" or Conservative. Like CNN, that has to do near daily retractions of its continual Hate Trump propaganda feed for the ignorant. Fake News = Bad news for any country. Allenwoll I suggest medical treatment for your condition involving deep reality therapy. Never seen anyone so wrong on every subject, every time. Completely eaten up with hate, anger and jealousy. Evil.

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Aug-26-19 10:49 AM

NBy -- Spoken like a true, dedicated Extremist Propagandist : You DISTORT ! ! ! . You LIE ! ! !

The FACT is this :

“ The biggest reason behind the (relative) success of Fox News network is that it is the only “true” news choice for conservative viewers “.

" This doesn’t mean there are more conservative viewers, however. Instead, it is a matter of liberal viewers having a lot more choices in which news networks or television shows they watch since most networks have a slant towards being liberal ".

Your statement :

“ Which is why Fox News is more popular than --all-- "liberal" "news networks" combined ”.

CAN *N*O*T* BE SUPPORTED ! ! ! : You DISTORT, You LIE ! ! !

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Aug-26-19 11:10 AM

While allenwoll swims in his cocktail of sick hate and delusion here's some non-fake CNN news!TRUMP WINS AGAIN!!! A Great G7! After signing a great new trade deal with Japan yesterday - Today China wants to come (crawl) to the trade table as THE GREATEST PRESIDENT IN MODERN US HISTORY turns up the heat on the Rip-off China Commies. AMAZING JOB DONALD TRUMP!! PRESIDENT FOR LIFE!! What a shame for super hypocrite gasbag Chief Ninnypoop Woll.

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Aug-26-19 12:16 PM

NBy -- My impression, given your dumb comments, is that you are in fact NOT at all human being equipped with even nominal reason and judgment, but rather just a silly algorithm conjured up by some delirious teeny in a hot attic somewhere.

Will someone PLEASE change the battery : The present one is getting seriously run down and erratic ! ! !

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Aug-26-19 4:27 PM

FORBES- (Nielsen Research) FOX NEWS NETWORK (REAL News)extended its run of consecutive months at number one to a staggering 197, while hitting another impressive milestone: FOX has now beaten every other network in basic cable for 23 months straight, based on total day ratings, with an average total day audience in May of 1.4 million viewers. Prime time? Fox News destroyed its competition, with an average total audience of 2.381 million viewers, compared to MSNBC's 1.384 million and CNN's 835,000. Among viewers 25-54, the group most coveted by advertisers, FOX shook off a challenge in recent months from MSNBC to claim a clear victory. We don't need scads of failed networks to lie for Conservatives. Just 1 FOX & Conservatives Always Winning!

Play Video

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