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Media polls: Figures lie and liars figure

August 23, 2019

To the editor: Polling mis-information is now the leader in the “fake news” filling our air waves these days. Frankly, the reports are disingenuous, deliberately mis-leading, and absolutely shameful....

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Aug-29-19 7:27 PM

Too Funny! You win allenwoll! Better take some extra meds or you'll be up all night pacing & planning against your enemies for tomorrow!! Just think! Fresh LTE's, more fools to look down on & educate!! lol! When you really get going typing like mad, do you ever put on the uniform? When YOU finally as you say, "Round up all Trump supporters and put them in camps" will you use a Shepherd again or go for a Doberman this time? Those were the days!! You're an angry little man allenwoll and way way out of control. Better take better care, Cause - Unless the stress gets to him, YOUR GLORIOUS PRESIDENT - SIR DONALD J. TRUMP - will be here for at least one more term. Hope you are! TRUMP - PRESIDENT FOR LIFE!!(allenwoll I'd bet you're about 5'7"?)(Am I close? 5'5" -5'6" maybe??)So angry! lol!

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Aug-29-19 12:49 PM

Just LOOK Who is calling Who a gasbag and full of hate ! !

He/she is sooooooooooooooooo dim that he/she cannot even BEGIN to understand the utter garbage that he/shet spews forth. . But ignorance and stupid are NOT an excuse ! ! !

I use this spewage for landfill in some low, muddy spots around my residence. . As one would expect, poison ivy really flourishes in that gunk.

SEND MORE, little Lost CON-Person ! ! ! . My pleasure ! ! !

Did you know that a careful examination of the brain via imaging can predict Conservativinitis ? ? . The pathology tends to track with chronic FEAR ! ! !

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Aug-29-19 12:16 PM

I love it!! lol! When the fascist hate mongering duped fool "liberal" can't prove anyone wrong with REAL facts and common sense, resorting to CNN fake hate "news" and proven biased "fact Check" sites with still no success - at all. Next step? Round up all Trump voters and put them in "camps"? lol!! Oh allenwoll, you and your Nazis! lol! I know you desperately wish for the times to return when you had your uniform and dog and finally had some temporary power over others but sadly those days are forever gone. Now just a smallish hate filled gasbag spewing "liberal" hate and Fake News.

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Aug-29-19 10:49 AM

NBy -- I strongly suggest the application of continuous ice-packs to your head.

Given a GREAT deal of luck, there remains a TINY chance that you may recover and return to a semblance of normal human behavior. . But DO NOT count on it.

If I had my way, Trump and ALL of his Trumpists would be detained in a LARGE camp on the Arizona Sonora Desert indefinitely.

I turn the tables : "Arbeit Macht Frei"

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Aug-29-19 10:27 AM

HUGE FAKE NEWS RECALL today from the "liberal" liars at MSNBC. Headline!! BOMBHELL REPORT!! TRUMP GOT LOANS FROM RUSSIANS! Sorry lies All walked back today. lol! Just more "liberal" lying, owned and operated Fake News - A 95% sold out "liberal" press - enemy of a free people and must start being held accountable for their non-stop lying and hate mongering about the Greatest President Of Modern Times and his non-stop winning for America!

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Aug-29-19 10:17 AM

As allenwoll the angry hate monger attempts to shift and sneak away from THE subject of his CNN channel life being the Holy Church of Fake News and Trump hate, sorry doesn't fly as well as stupidity attempting to spew MORE Fake News about the USA's only close to real news channel, FOX by trying to discredit FOX using a "Liberal" always biased "fact check" sites that were discredited as biased long ago. lolol! Nice try, won't fly as usual. What's a hate monger like you to do now? Hit us with more fake news "facts" How could the smartest (fully delusional and off it's meds)"man" in SW Florida, one allenwoll be soo ultimately stupid and ALWAYS three steps behind reality? Uncanny! Great Job Trump! CNN Fake News & Proven Fake/Biased "liberal" run, owned & operated "Fact Check" sites. Enemy of free people and daily chicken feed for the ignorant "liberal" hate monger & Democrat Communists.

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Aug-28-19 10:49 AM

NBy -- The Pols (ALL flavors) are playing with you -- But you are simply too dumb and credulous to realize it ! ! !

THAT is assuming that you are an ACTUAL human being and NOT just a Computer Algorithm ginned up by a delirious teeny in a hot attic somewhere ! ! !

Given your raves and rants, I lean toward the latter explanation.

( Lotsa Chuckles )

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Aug-28-19 10:26 AM

NBy -- You might like THIS :


Statements made on FOX --

True 17 (10%)(17) . Mostly True 20 (12%)(20) . Half True 33 (19%)(33) . Mostly False 36 (21%)(36) . False 50 (29%)(50) . Pants on Fire 16 (9%) (16) .

Nice, eh ? ? ?

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Aug-28-19 7:59 AM

Oh, I just gave you a Classic!! No good?? Need something more current allenwoll the hate monger? No problem! That's Easy AGAIN to prove YOU'RE dead wrong As Always. Go to someone's home that has a computer and type in -CNN retractions- for a long list of the constant lies put out by CNN as well as the other Fake News "liberal" controlled networks. I can print as many as you need to show once again & always you're a duped fool but it's better for -YOU- to see it for yourself allenwoll the completely crazed hate monger. Get help and stop spitting out your meds when their backs are turned!

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Aug-27-19 5:50 PM

NBy -- You REALLY had to dig back to April 03, 2012 to find something ? ? ?

How about something at least in the last five years ! ! !

( Chucklessssssssssssssss )

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Aug-27-19 4:56 PM

Panic? Hardly hate monger lol!(YOU are very very sick mr. woll but I'll admit, fun to make look like a fool, again and again) Yet another Easy One. How bout a classic? FOX broke the story that exposed NBC and host "liberal" Matt Lauer conspiring, totally altering George Zimmerman's 911 call on National TV. Well documented. Omitting crucial sentences to make it sound like racism. NBC and Lauer should have been charged for hate crimes in this fully busted Fake News. Any other Easy Questions about the "liberal" Fake News Networks just ask. How bout the scads of forced CNN retractions? Want to go there? Let me know mr. hate monger. Got plenty. Need more? lol! THAT was Easy.

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Aug-27-19 12:46 PM

NBy -- Give us at least ONE example of a verifiable FACT reported by FOX NON-"News" that was IN-correctly reported on one or more of the OTHER media.

Extremist Right OPINIONS and Fake News Do NOT count : ONLY VERIFIABLE FACTS Count ! !

I will NOT hold my breath while you conduct a predictably futile search in a total panic ! ! ! -- But Have FUN ! ! !

( Mega-Hyper-Chuckles )

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Aug-27-19 12:33 PM

Are you warm, are you real, Mona Noby

Or just a cold and lonely, deceitful work of Extremist PoliGanda ? ?

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Aug-27-19 10:30 AM

allenwoll, EASY answer - any "media" owned and operated to totally support ONE political party (Democrats) with constant proven lies & fake news on a consistent basis (ABCMSNBCNN etc.) is bad for ANY society. That's not "news" or unbiased REAL REPORTING. That's just hate based propaganda. That was easy. Idea mr woll, Instead of trying to play childish mind games with folks that have a much higher IQ at the same time constantly exposing the fact that you're an off-kilter angry nutjob, why not get a hobby other than hate mongering? Get some fresh air, Lysol that's nasty keyboard you drool on all day. Walk outside and pick up all the trash around your yard. It's a neighborhood eyesore. "Liberal" biased owned and operated Fake News. Enemy of freedom.

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Aug-27-19 8:24 AM

NBy -- Again : WHAT is your point ? ?

If FOX NON-"News" is indeed, as you claim, saturating the viewer audience with Extremist PoliGanda, WHY-O-WHY do you care about the Ownership or the Political Slant of the OTHER Media ? ? ?

PLEASE tell us WHY you care about Ownership ! ! ! . WHAT is your point ? ? ?

Your position -- AS USUAL -- simply makes no rational sense at all ! ! !

( Hyper-Mega-Chuckles ! ! ! )

As I said earlier, You are up the creek, GO find a paddle ! ! !

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Aug-27-19 8:09 AM

"First you claim that the FOX-NON-News channels has an overwhelming corner on the audience -- Then you claim that the Media are 95-% owned by Liberals." TRUTH- FOX DOES HAVE BY FAR THE GREATEST VIEWERSHIP. DOUBLE the closest network AND 95% of the media is "liberal" owned and run. Sorry Old Gasbag woll - Facts are Facts and even a slippery old disgusting hate mongering hypocrite like yourself can't change them.

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Aug-26-19 6:22 PM

NBy -- Talk about "twist, run and distort"

First you claim that the FOX-NON-News channels has an overwhelming corner on the audience -- Then you claim that the Media are 95-% owned by Liberals.

WHO CARES about OWNERSHIP ? ? ? : It's the AUDIENCE that counts ! ! !

Now, in summary : What do you claim ? ? ? : Which set of views -- Conservative or Liberal – has the largest audience ? ? ? (Audience, NOT necessarily Believers).

If you claim Conservative, then, again -- WHO CARES about OWNERSHIP ? ? ? : It's the AUDIENCE that counts ! ! !

Take a nice Anti-GoPer Poliganda pill and TRY TO THINK ! ! ! – For Once ! ! !

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Aug-26-19 5:28 PM

Such a pathetic old hate monger. Twist run and distort. The numbers are from Neilson and Forbes, that have credibility. YOU have none other than being an infantile old hate monger. Wrong again there are many ignorant people watching/believing the lesser IQ channels like CNN etc. Point is when ANY political Party controls 95% of the media as does the "liberal" party in the USA then that media becomes an enemy of freedom. Like getting rid of the Electoral College so NY and Wackafornia can run the country - into the ground like their States. Rave on hate monger woll - You're water off a ducks back. Irrelevant.

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Aug-26-19 5:09 PM

NBy -- Your comments puzzle me ! ! ! . IF it is true that, as you claim, virtually everyone is watching the FOX-NON-News Channels anyway, why do you care what the OTHER News Channels have to report ? ? ? . Nobody is watching, according to you ! ! !

Your position simply does NOT add up to make any sense at all ! ! !

Please explain yourself ! ! !

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Aug-26-19 4:27 PM

FORBES- (Nielsen Research) FOX NEWS NETWORK (REAL News)extended its run of consecutive months at number one to a staggering 197, while hitting another impressive milestone: FOX has now beaten every other network in basic cable for 23 months straight, based on total day ratings, with an average total day audience in May of 1.4 million viewers. Prime time? Fox News destroyed its competition, with an average total audience of 2.381 million viewers, compared to MSNBC's 1.384 million and CNN's 835,000. Among viewers 25-54, the group most coveted by advertisers, FOX shook off a challenge in recent months from MSNBC to claim a clear victory. We don't need scads of failed networks to lie for Conservatives. Just 1 FOX & Conservatives Always Winning!

Play Video

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Aug-26-19 12:16 PM

NBy -- My impression, given your dumb comments, is that you are in fact NOT at all human being equipped with even nominal reason and judgment, but rather just a silly algorithm conjured up by some delirious teeny in a hot attic somewhere.

Will someone PLEASE change the battery : The present one is getting seriously run down and erratic ! ! !

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Aug-26-19 11:10 AM

While allenwoll swims in his cocktail of sick hate and delusion here's some non-fake CNN news!TRUMP WINS AGAIN!!! A Great G7! After signing a great new trade deal with Japan yesterday - Today China wants to come (crawl) to the trade table as THE GREATEST PRESIDENT IN MODERN US HISTORY turns up the heat on the Rip-off China Commies. AMAZING JOB DONALD TRUMP!! PRESIDENT FOR LIFE!! What a shame for super hypocrite gasbag Chief Ninnypoop Woll.

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Aug-26-19 10:49 AM

NBy -- Spoken like a true, dedicated Extremist Propagandist : You DISTORT ! ! ! . You LIE ! ! !

The FACT is this :

“ The biggest reason behind the (relative) success of Fox News network is that it is the only “true” news choice for conservative viewers “.

" This doesn’t mean there are more conservative viewers, however. Instead, it is a matter of liberal viewers having a lot more choices in which news networks or television shows they watch since most networks have a slant towards being liberal ".

Your statement :

“ Which is why Fox News is more popular than --all-- "liberal" "news networks" combined ”.

CAN *N*O*T* BE SUPPORTED ! ! ! : You DISTORT, You LIE ! ! !

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Aug-26-19 10:15 AM

Obviously this out of control senile madman is missing his glorious time spent at the camps just doesn't understand that Conservatives don't need a huge proven time and time again fully corrupt "liberal" run media to hide the Truth. Which is why Fox News is more popular than --all-- "liberal" "news networks" combined. ANY time a media becomes owned by one political party, in this sad case in the USA 95% owned and run by "liberals" Obama and Clinton donors(fools) Its bad news for any country. It would not matter "liberal" or Conservative. Like CNN, that has to do near daily retractions of its continual Hate Trump propaganda feed for the ignorant. Fake News = Bad news for any country. Allenwoll I suggest medical treatment for your condition involving deep reality therapy. Never seen anyone so wrong on every subject, every time. Completely eaten up with hate, anger and jealousy. Evil.

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Aug-26-19 9:03 AM

NBy -- SO: If the extremist views of Radical "Conservatism" are being so well represented by the FOX NON-”News” channel, what on earth is your problem ? ? ?

ImO, you li'l cretins are quite uncomfortable knowing that your Extremist Right-Wing views simply CAN NOT withstand the onslaught of the OBVIOUS TRUTHS being delivered to We The People by the other Media, the Truth-Slanted Media.

But anyway, you silly but dangerous GoPers have unlimited resources : Why do you not just create some more FOX NON-News channels ? ? ? . You could run them “48-hours per day” just like Fuehrer DONALD Duck commanded in his historic impersonation of Adolph during WW-2.

Reference : “Der Fuehrer's Face”, a 1942 Disney wartime propaganda cartoon featuring Donald Duck (inspired by Spike Jones' playing of the song written by Oliver Wallace)

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