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Guest opinion: Polarization and judgement needs to stop, everywhere

August 9, 2019

Friends, It is with deep and humble gratitude that I thank you for your encouragement and support for the appointment to the Lee County Board of County Commission....

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Aug-23-19 5:50 AM

Nikki Fried is just another gun grabbing demonrat!

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Aug-13-19 4:47 PM

"Trump, commander in chief and president of the world’s only superpower, thinks he is the world’s most picked-upon person. The man who victimizes others insists that he is the biggest victim of all. And the greatest indignity? His critics (sometimes a majority of Americans) keep calling him racist and misogynistic, fiscally irresponsible, lazy, corrupt, authoritarian, impulsive and erratic based on his racist and misogynistic, fiscally irresponsible, lazy, corrupt, authoritarian, impulsive and erratic rhetoric and actions. The unfairness of it all!"

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Aug-13-19 3:08 PM

Where is the dead, aquatic side of things ? ? ?

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Aug-12-19 8:29 AM

BTW Ray, here is how u do it. Obama clearly did not tell the whole truth (whether he knew of not I don’t know) about keeping ones healthcare plan. They explained it applied to the date when the law was implemented and that the plan could not be changed (to cut benefits or significantly raise prices for consumers through deductibles or co-pays).

I think he apologized for it and explained it actually protected those misled. Have we heard Trump even admit, much less apologize for one of his thousands of false statements? Then there is the impact of Obama’s misstatement vs Trump’s bold faced lying. Obama’s amounted to added protection. Trumps are responsible for dirtier air, water and delaying the emergency response to the global warming crisis (as examples).

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Aug-11-19 9:26 PM

This ought to get u started “Ray” “All False statements involving Donald Trump” Politifact At The Poynter Institure / Winner of the Pulizer Prize The try Vanity Fair, The Guardian and Washington Post.

No not Fox News – I’d bet they have topped The Liar in Chief. At least that is what 8 independent studies indicate.

I know this is a tough pill to swallow. But until you face facts you’re always going to be angry, afraid and back on your heels defending corporate-sponsored propaganda.

BTW, I'm not much of a fan of Biden. It's just that anyone, but Pince, is progress over the disastrous occupant of the WH.

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Aug-11-19 7:13 PM want to catalog lies??? How about "If you like your plan..." Devastating to millions of people. Pales in comparison...Also, what left wing whacko group is your source of 10,000 lies...Biden?

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Aug-11-19 5:34 PM

antico : You have offered "a bizarre cosmic joke" as a descriptor for Trump : That is just right, except of course, no humor is involved in this non-funny joke ! !

Now, what would be a corresponding descriptor for his followers and defenders ? ? ?

I offer : Bizarre Cosmic Snakes. . However, I cannot ignore them : I see them as truly SERIOUS THREATS to America AND the world ! ! ! . They come in every imaginable length, diameter, color and marking ! !

The situation also indicates that there exists an extremely SERIOUS weakness in a casual Democracy, such as the one America presently operates -- After all, our Democracy is how we GOT Trump into office ( Oh, maybe a little skullduggery here and there, too ! ! )

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Aug-11-19 4:52 PM

Quotes about our President - hang your head America.

"Reactions to actions by Trump are always filtered through the prism of the ever more widely accepted view—within his administration, within Congress, within the United States, and around the world—that the 45th president is a reckless buffoon; a conspiratorial, racist moron, whose weird comments should be disregarded by sensible people.

By now, Trump’s party in Congress, the members of his Cabinet, and even his White House entourage all tacitly agree that Trump’s occupancy of the office held by Washington, Lincoln, FDR, and Eisenhower must be a bizarre cosmic joke, not to be taken seriously. CNN’s Jake Tapper on August 2 quoted a “senior national security official” as saying: “Everyone at this point ignores what the president says and just does their job. The American people should take some measure of confidence in that.”

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Aug-11-19 10:44 AM

Actions have consequences

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Aug-10-19 4:47 PM


The King of Lying (10,000 documented and counting) is relevant to the underhanded way this lady was misled by Republicans. I am not the one saying the GOP is now Trump’s party – they admit it. If embracing “faith based facts” over evidence based facts to thwart a sane course correction for our nation’s energy policy for the simple sake of profit, is not propaganda, what is? Then in essence, Fox News is functioning as a “State Media” propagandizing their audience, as documented by 8 independent studies. U know this true, but ignore it because it shines a light on the “corruption” of the purpose of the tribe.

I think that about covers it. If u can face facts search the articles listed from “8 studies show fox news viewers misinformed”

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Aug-09-19 7:47 PM

rymm _ Such a great, clear example that you are ! ! !

( Chuckle )

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Aug-09-19 4:35 PM

Anti...what??? go along to get alone???Why did you mention Trump??? Propagandizing??? Control of the masses??? Corruption and lying??? Poisoning the air or water??? WOW.

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Aug-09-19 5:08 AM

Clearly your integrity and expose` is being rejected by the Florida Republicans the same as they have embraced the corruption and lying of Trump. They are ignoring useful understanding because the tribe is indoctrinated with simple buzz words and it serves their control of the masses.

I know in my heart letting people know I see them as ignorant is not productive. Ignorant is driving the wrong way on a one-way street or poisoning the air or water on which we all depend because you don’t know any better or do it anyway because for you, NOW, it is easiest and it flows downstream away from you. Propagandizing the masses of health information (for political control) is more of the same.

If they reject being corrected or say evidence-based facts are fake news I am afraid polarization is about the only option. Go along to get alone only serves the moment and ensures imminent disaster.

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