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Guest opinion: Making progress on harmful algal blooms

May 10, 2019

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to host officials from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and National Oceanic and Atmospheric......

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May-23-19 2:02 PM

NOBO, u must mean a few terms in the Florida legislature. Even then Republicans had the legislature by the short hairs. Then there was the fact that toxic algae blooms were not even believed to be the result of polluters. It was thought to be a natural occurrence, or at least not admitted as manmade. Common language then: “It is a natural phenomenon, and the exact cause or combination of factors that result in a red tide outbreak are not necessarily known.”

Republicans are co-conspirators with polluters and refuse to deal realistically with it, just like they refuse to acknowledge the criminal corruption of the POTUS.

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May-16-19 7:38 PM

Goll-ee ! ! : Your fingers stuck to the keyboard AGAIN (Painful, eh ?)

Try Vaseline or cooking oil to release them ! ! !

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May-16-19 4:38 PM

Not sure why lil woolyboy feels the need to now answer for everyone... I do understand lil woolies overwhelming compulsion to be noticed...Hi Wooly Boy Yes we see you.. feel better now? Good Boy!! Good Boy!! Get back up on the porch now... BTW self named "Voice Of Reason" (lololol) WHO would print that?? lolololol)have u seen running omar?.. Since you now speak for omar ask him to quit runnin and give us some Evidence Based Facts..

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May-16-19 2:54 PM

ODO -- Nice try -- But ( Chuckle ! ! ! )

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May-16-19 10:44 AM

Agreed democrat Nelson was here for decades..result what we have today. corporal omar..of the tons of hate driven wild-eyed libby nonsense you've previously posted.. This may be your very best proof of insanity.. "Republicans will be held responsible for ethnic cleansing that includes virtually all of humanity and mammals" OMG !!!... LOLOLOLOLOL!! That even tops your gem, "All Republicans want to kill manatess" You demand evidence Lil "man".. yet where is yours King Of Hypocrisy as you RUN AND HIDE weasel like when asked to back a wild eyed insanity claim of yours..? lololol!! Lets try one more for omar the runner...omar, Where is your Evidence Based Facts Showing Trump is a "Russian AND Chinese spy" just to show your really not a crazed libby hate monger? corporal omar?..time to stop cowering..your EBF' only!! us all..corporal??

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May-16-19 8:25 AM

Instead of ad hominem attacks, you ought to cite specific errors in what I said supported by evidence. U won’t though. U can’t.

Surviving historians will document rolling back of clean air and water acts, protecting polluters like the coal and oil industry by ending regulations in place. Republicans will be held responsible for ethnic cleansing that includes virtually all of humanity and mammals.

Surely u don’t deny Florida Republicans are in bed with every stripe of polluter. Do u deny Trump zeroed out the incentives for clean energy while giving more to the fossil fuel industry? Even in the Sunshine State, utilities are given control over their own Public Service Commission by Republicans. Good luck getting distributed clean energy in Florida as long as Republicans enable polluters and big utilities.

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May-16-19 8:08 AM

Yes, Li'l NoBy you ARE a good "Robo-GoPer" ! ! ! : Fully obedient to the Official Confabulations, Lies and Fantasies.

So saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad for one to have fallen victim in that way -- but you should have been more cautious ! ! !

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May-16-19 7:40 AM

Republicans toxic algae? anticorp you sound like a spoiled child that got it's toy taken away. Only Republicans pollute? How many decades was Democrat Nelson in charge? Republican algae? How stupid, grow up and stop acting like a total fool. How old are you? Pathetic, at best.

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May-15-19 10:02 PM

I suppose that can be considered a success by U Republicans. That is your toxic algae is having a terrible impact, not only on the economy, the environment but also your political opponents. Guess that is why I tend to think of your kind as a scourge on our planet. You may end up being worse than Small Pocks or one of the Plagues under the guise of moral superiority.

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May-14-19 2:08 PM

BAN ALL Radical Conservotuers AND all Prof-Pols ! ! !

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May-14-19 1:35 PM

corporal omar..I think the toxic algae has given you a terminal libby hypocrisy memory loss!!.. Your demonsocialist hero's Bernie the Communist(RICH commie) Barack O'Sharpton The Great Divider and National Disgrace(RICH divider)Hilly the power mad criminal(RICH criminal)Nancy Pelopsi The greedy self-serving wacko(SUPER-RICH wacko)are all "rich" 1%ers..!!?? ALL looking out for their ass...not ours!.. Poor corporal anti-sense and his life of hate based childish libby hypocrisy.. President BabyBrains Cortez/Crazy Hands On Uncle Joe VP 2020!! PLEASE !!!

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May-14-19 1:05 PM

BAN all Prof-Pols ! ! !

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May-11-19 4:22 PM

Rooney is a .01%er He is looking out for HIS CLASS.

Individuals $171,525, ReaL Estate $70,000, Securities and Investment $52,000, Building Contractors $44,000, Law Firms $23,800, PACs $1,226

Small Contribs. $16,289, Large Contribs., $586,540, Self Financing $621,525

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May-11-19 8:56 AM

Congressman Rooney has not accepted PAC contributions.

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May-10-19 10:11 AM

How much did big agriculture pay Mr. Rooney?

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May-10-19 9:05 AM

Not a single word about prevention. Their solution is taxpayer dollars to deal with the inevitable disasters flowing from polluters. Can u throw your trash out the car window or over your fence, pour old oil, gasoline or antifreeze on the ground or in OUR streams. Not a single word about making polluters pay.

Where’s the Social Justice from your Republican legislator?

How long will Republican voters allow themselves to be scared of minorities, rallied to interfere in health and sexual issues of others while their manipulators sell them out to polluters.

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May-10-19 9:01 AM

How about "A" for ASININE ?

Politicians really need to be considered as a separate species from "homo sapiens".

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May-10-19 6:52 AM

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. This Loonie Roonie ad brought/bought to you by the slime balls for algae committee in association with the pesticides are for people too corporation.

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