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Is our culture being ‘feminized?’

February 1, 2019

To the editor: We are seeing a greater feminine representation in most forms of our culture, whether it is politics, business or even actors in the various television action/adventure show....

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Feb-07-19 3:37 PM

Women would do this.

“What have I been saying about the VA and Medicare for years? Thanks Jim Roach.

Why don't the people who want "Medicare for All" talk about how much it will SAVE the Government in Tax Dollars (Save $181 Billion per year in wasted tax dollars) and SAVE the U.S. Employers who pay part of the health insurance cost for their employees (Save $922 Billion per year) and the people who buy non-ACA Individual Health Insurance (Save $5 Billion per year)? We already have a system that proves this will work, that the insurance companies already are using (Medicare Advantage). The total savings per year between government and private health insurance costs would be over $1.1 Trillion per year. Without spending an additional dime of tax dollars. We have proven that we can have 65% lower insurance costs for over 10 years with Medicare Advantage. It really is Simple to fix”… except for the Crony Capitalist ((REPUBLICANS))

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Feb-07-19 8:15 AM

Seafoolish -- Check for lead in your pipes ! ! !

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Feb-06-19 9:46 PM

Yes makes sense that one wild-eyed psychotic demonsocialist would be attracted to another wild-eyed psychotic demonsocialist... I get that birds of a feather thing.. but wild-eye...sorry old timer...better call in a stunt double for the real work.. I keep waiting for someone to put a butterfly net over her head and take off for the institution. Soon I'm sure... BRAINS!!??? WHAT??? LOLOLOLOL!!! Wacko city!

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Feb-06-19 6:41 PM

AO-C can feminize me as much as she wishes ! !

Doll ! ! ! -- AND brains ! ! !

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Feb-06-19 7:33 AM

Poor immature corporal anti-sense and his life of lies and hypocrisy... Now pollution is only caused by Republicans.. Can someone fill lil corpys baby bottle and get him a new binky.. Better..I'm sending our angry infant a whole case of TRUMP DESIGNER BABY BINKYS TO HELP CALM THE POOR THING IN IT'S TIME OF DISTRESS.. lololololol.. How always.

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Feb-05-19 10:38 PM

Women care more about people, family, and children and would be better on the environment.

More than 2,000 tons of marine wildlife washed ashore as a "red tide" algae bloom choked Florida's Gulf Coast for months last year. Red tide results from toxins released by dead algae blooms.

"We are permitted by FWC to release up to 16,000 juvenile and up to 250 adult redfish," Peveeta Persaud said. "We plan to release up to our permitted number in total, so 16,250 redfish." By late 2018, the state had spent more than $8 million in cleanup costs and tourism-reliant businesses had lost tens of millions of dollars because of the red tide algae bloom.

Does anyone think restocking will not just be killed by REPUBLICAN POLLUTION soon thereafter?

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Feb-03-19 12:29 PM

What ever you say King Of Yellow Skates.. after all you do call yourself..the Voice Of Reason AND Conscience..Soo you must be right!! lololololol!!!!!

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Feb-03-19 12:04 PM

Seafoolish -- Congratulations -- IF you tell the Truth, which we know is a strain for you and your ilk.

However, this would be generally uncommon.

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Feb-03-19 9:57 AM

Losers... the blame others crowd.. can't get ahead... they're too busy blaming others for their station in life as we see below once again.. Of course the blame game crowd in their anger misses the point... How wonderful it is to live in a country that allows anyone, any color, from any background to succeed as millions do. Don't blame me for working hard Pugs... Look in your lil mirror and ask the mug looking back at you.. why you haven't.. Wealth is not earned?? lololololol...B/S... I earned every penny through hard work and 12-18 hour days for decades..not moanin to mommy... and along the way...created jobs and incomes for hundreds of others lifting them from poverty as well..What typical woolyboy always. The real human wreckage I see is you, woolyboy..

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Feb-03-19 7:50 AM

Seafoolish -- It MAY be nice to know that you have crawled up out of your troubled beginnings.

There MAY be a catch, though :

How much human wreckage marks your path up ? ? ? . Hopefully, little or none -- But NOT probably ! ! !

Incidentally, numerically speaking, historically very little wealth is "earned" -- by any rational definition of the term "earned" ! ! ! .How could you miss this point ? ? ?

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Feb-02-19 9:05 PM

When you finish patting yourself on the back and congratulating your wonderful self with self congratulatory praise, you might consider the masses, the majority of Americans who, through no fault of their own, didn't make it to your exulted station in life.

And, I'm pretty sure that you think you are superior to those "beneath" you and that, in Gods eyes, you are better & that He holds you in higher esteem than all of those inferior, less successful underlings.

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Feb-02-19 5:07 PM

Poor pugslie... wealth is not "distributed"...It is earned through hard work, education, and/or biz start-ups by clever people wanting to get ahead in the greatest country ever on the planet where anyone not consumed by the "blame the world or other races for my failures"...can be ultra-successful!! not moaning to mommy like you and corporal hypocrite..because life's golden ring passed you by.. because you were too busy or lazy....blaming others for your station in life.. I came from complete poverty and managed to do quite well in life...x 100.. Need a loan?? Poor pugslie..

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Feb-01-19 8:36 PM

Anticorp, thank you for your sensible, reasonable, thoughtful, informed, knowledgeable input. The totally unequal distribution of wealth here is a SIN. It has destroyed our way of life.

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Feb-01-19 10:14 AM

I hope it is an idea that is being foisted on us. The reason is, invariably, polling indicates we are on the wrong track; grading of our politics and our survival as a species has been trashed.

We ARE SUFFERING, but not from loss of the stay at home mom (they have been forced to come to our rescue). Just like Trump is a symptom-so is moms having to be breadwinners. Corporate greed/.01% (gobbling up more and more of the national income and equity) forced two people working to support a household. Even both working is proving not enough to compensate for the greed/theft.

The condition of America and the world has been degraded by paternal greed for money and power dominance. The real values (not some imagined good ole days without SSI, Medicare, Unemp. Ins and organized labor) may have a chance to recover from what male domination has wrought.

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