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Who’s to blame — really?

September 6, 2018

To the editor: Some real facts: There has been a Republican federal Congress for eight years. There has been a Republican Florida Legislature for eight years and a Republican governor for eight years....

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Sep-13-18 7:42 PM

Well to u that maybe true Mr Wollschdts.. but I have a good feeling that decent folks rational folks unlike you that love this country & state really don't want an outright socialist that believes in open borders, no ICE, very limited or no voter ID, the rights of illegal invaders over US citizens, anti-gun, high taxes and in my opinion just another Al Sharpton extension proven by his recent racial low road statements to appeal to the low IQ voter. More importantly... what Fl. citizen wants a socialist, money controlled by an US enemy named Soros? That HATEs the USA? Gillum UNFIT FOR ANY U.S. OFFICE. UNFIT FOR FLORIDA.

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Sep-12-18 6:04 PM

Seafood -- YOUR recommendation AGAINST Andrew Gillum is the very strongest recommendation >>FOR<< Andrew Gillum that can possibly be made to people who follow TRUTH and REASON ! ! !

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Sep-12-18 11:01 AM

NBC - Florida Democratic nominee Andy Gillum thanked far left-wing billionaires Soros & Steyer for their support in funding his campaign, saying he is “deeply appreciative” "You ran as an unabashed progressive Democrat. For Medicare for all, you talk about getting rid of ICE and some things there, but I’m curious, one of the things, you were supported by two billionaires who came in and helped your campaign and largely your campaign early on was funded by them, George Soros and Tom Steyer. How do you square sort of a populist progressive campaign that wants to get big money, you know among other things, get big money, get dark money out of politics, and yet it’s billionaires that have to prop up your campaign?” Socialist Andy Gillum backed by two USA hating billionaires. Florida has no use for a far left "Democrat" puppet controlled by USA haters like Soros. VOTE NO GILLUM.

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Sep-12-18 10:38 AM

Corporal can u call Mad Max Maxine Waters for a new script? Corey Booker? Andy Gillum or USA super-enemy George Soros - who financially supports Demosocialist Andrew Gillum? Nancy? Someone intelligent or credible in your Party? No I guess that's not possible, sorry. Corporal most realize hate is your only game... but to keep promoting the illogical childish notion that its even remotely possible for one Party as pure the other best 3rd grade silliness. But for some one that prints "Republicans are Pigs that should be dragged through the streets" AND are "Racists and Russian Spies" ....and other low class ignorant illness, its exactly what we would expect from you corporal anti.

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Sep-08-18 11:27 AM

Ponder this:

If u had a scheme to become a major industrial player in some smokestack, energy, or production concern known to have “difficult” by-products. Who would u lobby for favorable legislation, “Conservatives or Progressives”?

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Sep-07-18 7:36 PM

I have to hand it to Republicans. They got it right. They have not made mistakes. They have achieved their objectives. It has been purposeful.

They intended to do the things like deregulation and defunding of government agencies that provide a safe work-place, clean air, and water. The choices to serve the lobbyists of constituents, like developers, big agriculture, the auto industry, and the fossil fuel industry have been their preferences. Simply put, they serve big business over the masses of citizens in America.

I am open to a list of Republican environmental accomplishments, but, I’m not holding my breath for that to be forthcoming.

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Sep-07-18 7:33 PM

Did Democrats do anything to deal with the pollution?.... 1990 (got u beat! by 20 YEARS!!!) lololol..Democrat Bill Nelson promises to deal with the water issues.Plenty of blame to go-round except for the zealots. The same illogical embarrassing social malcontents that state things like, "President Trump is a Russian AND Chinese spy" giving anything they chronically print after that a big Tennessee -0- as usual. Fully suspect & disregard ANYONE..any fool.. that promotes one party as evil/the other pure as driven snow. Scott hasn't done enough..Sweet Socks Nelson didn't come through..etc. Take care of Tennessee corporal anti, we'll be just fine without hate driven mis-"guidance"

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Sep-07-18 4:20 PM

Did Republicans do anything to deal with the pollution?

“Nov. 12, 2010

Florida's incoming governor and other newly elected Republicans on Friday joined a chorus of politicians and others who have been urging the Environmental Protection Agency to delay new water pollution rules.

A lawyer for environmental groups, though, said they've been "brainwashed" by state officials who concocted wildly inflated figures of what it's going to cost to comply with the new rules.

Gov.-elect Rick Scott, Agriculture Commissioner-elect Adam Putnam, Attorney General-elect Pam Bondi and five incoming congressmen sent a letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson asking her to postpone action.”


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Sep-07-18 4:18 PM


"The EPA is set to announce the standards Monday. They are required by the settlement of a federal lawsuit that environmental groups had filed against the agency.

The rules are designed to abate pollution, including discharges from inefficient sewage treatment plants and septic tanks and runoff from farms and urban areas, that's choking lakes, rivers and other interior Florida waters with algae blooms.

Politicians, agriculture and business interests and some state and local government officials say the rules will be too costly and set back Florida's economic recovery."

These are not Liberals of Progressives citizens. They claim to be CONSERVATIVES.

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Sep-07-18 11:03 AM

transplant, the stage was set DECADES ago when Billy promised to do something. This all happen in the last 8 years?? lololol as u want to believe?? lololol During the past several decades agriculture, sugar, cattle, industry, tons of crooked water managers, developers & politicians on both sides & the Corp have laid waste to the land...along with every Floridian that poisons their lawns to be washed away by the PM rains into the environment & uses septic systems. Shortsighted & simple, blame game "liberals". (Netty, BTW.. Thought you were going to stand up & back your claims about The President committing treason?....You were Sure!! Pls let us know when u will finally back your wild-eyed claims & stand proudly with your proof!)(u really need two weeks? But u were soo sure??) Bad water/algae? Stop blaming/ Start fixing!

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Sep-07-18 9:58 AM

The blame is directly pointed to Tallahasse. The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) is the state agency responsible for the public waters that are polluting our economy. The Governor is the office that oversees this agency, not the Feds. Rick Scott and his puppets like Matt Caldwell set the stage for this crisis. Like or not like Bill Nelson, this falls squarely on the Governor's office.

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Sep-07-18 9:58 AM

Prime example on why we need TERM LIMITS. -- QUOTE "Nelson promised THIRTY YEARS AGO to get a handle on this." -- 30 years and he is still pointing the finger. Time for Billy boy to retire!

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Sep-06-18 8:26 PM

Well Capt. Alice.... Some real facts for you and an easy truthful answer to your question - Because Democrat Bill Sweet Socks Nelson promised THIRTY YEARS AGO to get a handle on this. Capt. Alice if you need further clarification about your short sighted blame Republicans for all evils in the world silliness, pls ask.

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