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Handkerchiefs please

August 31, 2018

To the editor: The constant attention the media is providing to President Donald Trump leaves very little left over for the other major events in the world....

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Sep-04-18 6:56 PM

Careful Dr.. you've stirred up Herr Wollschdts again and got him boasting about his war hero's from home. Even though an immigrant at least he can still feel right at home here in the New Democrat Socialist Party. The largest organized hate group in the USA backed by an incredibly corrupt "media" mouthpiece. Demanding open borders, "sanctuary cities, no voter ID (guess why?? lolol)No border apprehension or deportations, and "free" everything for everyone! President Democrat Maxine Waters!! Leader of the free world!! lololololol!!!!Poor angry helpless "liberals" Lets get more truckloads of TRUMP DESIGNER CRYIN & MOANIN TO MAMA TISSUES out to these folks that just can't cope with life and reality. Go Sir Donald !! Amazing man! Great Job!!

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Sep-04-18 5:31 PM

DrC -- I think that you have left your water way, way behind ! ! !

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Sep-04-18 1:52 PM

Oh dear...what a leap of faith! Your imagination is overactive. Relax ..the sky is not falling....

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Sep-04-18 10:00 AM


Drc -- Without the Common Man, to whom would the Rich sell their Products/Services ? ? ?

So, you see, it is a draw : Economics requires a LONG-TERM, BALANCED, MUTUALLY RESPECTIVE Relationship : One side attempting to take advantage of the other is absolutely NOT SUSTAINABLE.

The current generation of the GoPers, the Rich, the Elite, the BigMoney simply has NOT discovered -- or at least NOT honored -- this relationship and figures to buy its way politically via influencing the Sheep, the Electorate, using the time-honored methods so well described and documented by Reichesminister Paul Joeseph Goebels of Nazi dictator fame.

Such works for a while -- then T R O U B L E ! ! ! ! ! ! -- B I G T I M E ! ! !

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Sep-04-18 8:36 AM

Without the rich getting richer...who would employ all the people? The rich get richer...the workers get wages..the workers buy things the rich make...making the rich ....richer. See?..It wasn't that hard to explain! Everyone wins when the rich get richer.

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Sep-04-18 7:53 AM

I see that a band of Obedient Sheep attend this Comment Board ! ! !

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Sep-03-18 12:01 PM

DrC -- You appear like much of the rest of the population of our Nation -- Asleep under the warm, comfy, suffocating, ill-advised, fraudulent blankets of Political Faith woven from the fibers of The Invading Orange Trum-PEST and his peculiar not-so-sidekick Penc-IFUL ! ! !

Here is some distressing "News For The Righties" >>

The Purpose of America is NOT to enable the Rich to become yet Richer (as you GoPers do indeed seem to faithful-tize) : NOT at all ! ! ! --

Rather, that purpose is to enable The Common Man to live a prosperous, fulfilling and decent life at peace with his fellow men and women at home and abroad ! ! !

Sorry for you and your ilk about that ! ! !

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