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Taxpayers should not fund campaign junkets

August 31, 2018

To the editor: I understand the President is planning to spend at least 40 days on the road campaigning for Republicans before the midterm elections in Novembe....

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Aug-31-18 8:58 AM

Dear Glorygal of Naples.. Your personal hero Barack O'Sharpton spent 8 years campaigning and serial lying all across America while Moochela spent millions wining and dining her friends on jet trips to Europe. Glorygal of Naples, You of course said nothing. Why? Your personal hero Hillygal Clinton took untold millions from countries that push handcuffed gays off roofs and that have 55 year old men marrying 12 year old girls in mass ceremonies.. GIRLS that aren't allowed to drive or be educated...all the while portraying herself as a champion of human rights while stuffing her pockets with cash. Glorygal of Naples sat silent and voted for her. Your hate for our President has blinded you to reality and to your total blind hypocrisy. Shame on you. Please address your complaint to: The Complete Liberal Hypocrite Center, 1212 Blinded By Hate and Ignorance Street, Washington D.C. 66666

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Sep-01-18 11:47 AM

DOAshrimp --- Love your response! Oh, so true.

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Sep-03-18 1:37 PM

You can believe in (faith-based belief) DOAkolov’s serial propaganda or u can believe in the evidence-based statement from the “bi-partisan” Congressional Budget Office (CBO):

“CBO says economic growth from the tax cuts will add 0.7 percent on average to the nation's economic output over the coming decade. That will only partially offset the deficit cost of the tax cuts. The administration had promised the cuts would pay for themselves. Instead, the report estimates that the GOP tax bill, which is Republican-controlled Washington's signature accomplishment under Trump, will add $1.8 trillion to the deficit over the coming decade, even after its positive effects on the economy are factored in.” Pretend u r watching your sports team and yelling at the referee or get real. It’s up to u. DOAkolov loves for u to root for his team of Republicans.

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Sep-03-18 4:49 PM

antico -- PLEASE -- NOT "Republicans", but rather, more fully descriptively, "Republiskunks" ! ! !

Do you suppose that they ever consider what will happen to them once they rub-out the Common Man ? ? ?

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Sep-04-18 10:11 AM

Poor Mikeycorp Needn't change the subject Mikey to show you wear a bright yellow slippery eel skin suit. Almost two years since you've taken it off & your hero's were slaughtered & all your O'Sharpton "principles" (lololol)totally rejected for decades to come..yet still acting out, seething mad. lololol Poor angry Lil thing. Man up slippery (impossible) any fool can be a subject changing coward. Obviously you can understand that. That's as evidence based as it gets. Someday corporal when you've had a few cans of liquid courage to bolster yourself, write in & actually debate..any foolish pork rind can be a cowardly "liberal" ankle biter BTW WHEN are we going to get your "evidence based facts".. Your quote, "All Repubs are racists & Russian spies" Your evidence based facts?? Your mantra Mikey! Should be easy Capt. Evidence Based Facts? What a riot! What a fraud! Luv u corporal!

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Sep-05-18 2:52 PM

DOA Your viewed intelligence level went way down with all the cutsie name calling.Barack O'Sharpton, Hillygal Clinton? Really? It's just childish and unbecoming. Grow up. The facts are pretty clear that trump has spent in 18 months almost more that President Obama did in the whole 8 years. Plus, when President Obama played golf, thousands of government money didn't go into his pockets. We, the tax payers, are paying him to play golf and picking up all the expenses, which goes right into trumps pockets.

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Sep-06-18 7:34 AM

Proof LT Proof...lololol Poor LT I'm really sorry the racist criminal Barack O'Sharton and his "legacy" of criminality and racism is gone.. And poor Hillygal Clinton, one of the greatest Democrat criminals in American political history may soon be in prison where she belongs with her serial molester husband. Poor LT who will you vote for now? Maxine waters? Bernie again? Which Democrat criminal wacko will you lower yourself to support this time LT? Lots of childish wild-eyed claims LT.... Big boys wear grown up pants LT and proof...not childish raving nonsense.. More "liberal" drool from the mad because Hillygal got slaughtered by decent Americans, peanut gallery.

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Sep-06-18 8:09 AM

DOA Proof? There is literally tons of documentation out there showing President Obama's golf trips vs. trumps golf trips. Yet, you still spew childish names and express false concern for my misguided way. Childish and pathetic in my opinion. If you can't have a discussion without resorting to childish games maybe you need to go back to school, learn how and grow up.

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Sep-06-18 12:13 PM

Yes LT as you perfectly and correctly state.. I'm very concerned about your misguided ways. Glad you yourself admit to being misguided... LT, admitting publicly to a deep personal problem as you have is the first step in me, helping you get cured. Lots of Proof?? Well where is yours? LT? So far all you've shown is -ZERO- just mouth. What you think about golf games shows your very limited scope and tiny "liberal" mind. Who cares? Irrelevant. With the outstanding job Sir Donald is doing I think he should take more time for the President and America, erases the sad "legacy" of the racist criminal serial liar Barack' O'Sharpton and the complete criminal fraud serial liar Hillygal Clinton. You've offered nothing for all LT..but at least you've admitted to your personal misguidance. For a "liberal" that takes courage and shows growth! Good Boy LT!

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