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The evidence is clear

August 31, 2018

To the editor: The evidence is clear, the Republican leadership in Tallahassee for the past eight years has done everything right to bring us the worst algae blooms in history coming out of the big......

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Sep-08-18 3:19 PM

Lestino, Ron DeSantis, Matt Caldwell and Rick Scott are all responsible for the slime! To vote for them is to vote for more of the same slime they have been slinging for years!

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Sep-06-18 12:47 PM

Blame, Blame Blame!!! Of course the elected officials in Tallahassee are worthless. YOU ELECTED THEM and YOU DON'T HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!!! If you don't like the pie, get rid of it.

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Sep-04-18 4:30 PM

antico -- Your comment explains why the proper spelling of the GoP Party Name is "Republi$kunk$" : It is all about the MONEY ! ! !

$imply put, they are mostly all "For $ale" to the highest bidder ! ! !

This has GOT TO STOP ! ! !

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Sep-04-18 1:48 PM

Sadly for the Liar’s Club the Republicans are responsible. They started down the path of cleaning up the issue, did the studies et al, but just couldn’t shelve their corrupt nature long enough to get it done. They voted down their own bill to deal with the problem because it was politically unpopular with their rural voters and some concentrated development.

As usual….(((REPUBLICANS)))

They just can’t ever do the right thing when a special interest nudges them under the table.

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Sep-04-18 10:52 AM

Didn't already know that corporal? Huh.. Well I'm glad your Twin brought u up to speed. Think we covered that in Mr. Turner's basic science class (7th grade)Do u have a point or just your daily chronic craving to be noticed? Lonely in Tn.?I did notice some maturity growth on the subject though corporal.. First letter for you not blaming Republicans for polio, cancer, and all evils in the world. Good Boy corpy!! You are showing the world that even at an advanced age its never to late to try and finally grow up!

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Sep-04-18 6:16 AM

UNFORTUNATELY - As usual Allen writes about evidence base facts.

Nitrogen and phosphorous are not removed by PROPERLY OPERATED SEPTIC SYSTEMS, unless u pump them. The anaerobic process just doesn't do it.

The nitrogen and phosphorous feed the algae blooms.

Blame big ag and politicians for their part, but septic systems are (algae bloom wise) like dumping bags of fertilizer into local ditches and streams.

Good factual find Allen.

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Sep-03-18 10:13 AM

Seafood : I was thinking more in terms of gathering YOU-ALL up and re-homing YOU and your ilk to a a more suitable and appropriate location off-planet ! ! ! -- So as to leave we humans in peace.

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Sep-03-18 9:07 AM

More low IQ hate based All Democrats are Saints/All Republicans evil asinine nonsense. Things are terrible here Mr. Wollschdts.. Put your money where your cavernous mouth is for once, give up that pension, and move to a more enlightened "liberal" country. We don't deserve you here.

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Sep-02-18 7:27 PM

netrans -- THIS is the inherent and fundamental problem with "Representative Democracy" -- Oh, Yes ! ! -- The Pols are busy representing, alright -- Representing their paying clients, Hyper-BigMoney.

In the light of human frailty -- from which we ALL suffer to one degree or another -- THE SYSTEM simply CAN NOT WORK ! ! ! . We are ALL being duped and played with by the Elite, by the BIG BigMoney ! ! !

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that so few of the Electorate seem to realize how much that they are being taken advantage of by the Republiskunks, by the GoPer-Con Establishment. . All that someone has to say to them is "Socialism" and their brains shut down and they become soft, pliable political morons ! ! !

As it is, Registered GoPers should get a tatto on their foreheads : "MORON/MASOCHIST". . They for some strange reason just LOVE being duped ! ! !

To each his own ! !

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Sep-02-18 10:41 AM

Lestino -- HERE you speak as a forthright Progressive -- A sort you decried earlier : What cooks with you ? ? ? ? ? ?

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Sep-02-18 10:39 AM

Someone disagrees with my comment on Septic Tanks : He MUST be a GoPer, that is, a dedicated DENIER of ESTABLISHED FACT in favor of the Quick-$$$$$$$ ! ! !

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Sep-02-18 8:50 AM

The problem is that Matt Caldwell has taken money from the polluters for years to ignore his constituents so big ag doesn't have to stop their polluting. DON'T VOTE CALDWELL

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Sep-02-18 8:39 AM

Everyone has to make major changes to how we do business, how we do agriculture, how we do waste, how we do landscape, how we do drainage. It will get worse before it gets better. Or else we lose all, our economy dies and we abandon our mess. It is now or never, time for change. Ron DeSantis, Matt Caldwell and Rick Scott must rise to this crisis. They must do the will of We the People and lead US to greatness.

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Sep-02-18 7:23 AM

antico -- Alas, please see my comment under "Poo-f! No, it’s not magic".

I refer you also to Wikipedia, "Septic Tanks", "Nutrients in the Effluent".

The appears to be a general, widespread MIS-understanding about both the capabilities AND THE DANGERS of septic tanks ! ! !

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Sep-01-18 9:25 PM

Just out of curiosity janet, where u on the septic tank cleanup?

Were you one of the Republicans that thought it too much of a hardship on the public to maintain their septic tanks and keep them from feeding the algae and bacteria in our waters.

Why not just go in a 5 gal bucket and toss it in ditches and streams?

Who are the intelligent ones, those that c r a p in their nests or green, environmentally oriented folks? That would be the Progressives for u anti-science, faith based humanoids.

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Sep-01-18 11:03 AM

j99 -- Congratulations : You describe the behavior of Seafood on this Comment Board very well ! ! . Good for you !

Now as for myself, I have never made the claim that ALL Political, Social and Economic ills in the U S A roost on the shoulder of but one Political Party -- ONLY that MOST do so rest -- THAT Because the Republiskunks tend to strongly favor what they (non-optimally) perceive as the interests of the Elite over the interests of the Common Man.

However, the Dems, too -- now and historically -- have PLENTY to answer for.

On the other hand, the damage done to the GoP Political Reputation and Capabilities by The Trum-PEST and The Pence will be many decades in its repair ! ! !

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Sep-01-18 9:15 AM

As a rational adult I would have to agree that anyone continually spouting or supporting the claim that the fault of ANYTHING & EVERYTHING wrong in this wonderful country is due to one political party only, does possess a very low IQ or is at best, simply an ignorant fool. Even lower in the barrel we have the other type who spends every waking moment, completely obsessed, totally out of control, childishly & constantly attacking & harassing other readers to demonstrate it's "higher IQ"(?)Lots of very very disturbed people walking around out there.

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Aug-31-18 5:58 PM

Seafood, having repeatedly clearly demonstrated near-ZERO IQ, nevertheless accuses everyone else of Low IQ. . HOW could he know ? ?

Envy and how ! ! !

Why even Low is better than No.

Chuckle ! ! !

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Aug-31-18 1:30 PM

Lawmajor, every time I contact Nelson, all I get is a fund-raising letter.

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Aug-31-18 10:56 AM

Must be recess Nubs is back on the teachers computer with more childish low IQ nonsense .. YES, another day of.. YES, You guessed it..lolol..Let me close my eyes and recite the script.. more beyond childish - All Repubs are evil/All Democrats Saints.. 8 to 85 some folks are just incapable of growing up. Turn off The View and CNN, Take a night course, Enroll in some day class, Do some reading try to educate yourself. Its embarrassing... and because you're always downstairs you're probably Vit. D deficient. Come up and get outside for some sun & fresh air. The mold and dampness has gotten to you making you rattle off nonsense again.

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Aug-31-18 10:19 AM

Bill Nelsen has been around for how long????? What has he done???

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Aug-31-18 8:41 AM

Red tide Rick and the Republicans are slimier than the slime they wrought on our waterways!

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