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Poo -f! No, it’s not magic

August 31, 2018

To the editor: I recently heard someone say that they have never maintained their septic tank and it has been over 15 years. That person apparently thinks a septic tank is a form of magi....

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Aug-31-18 8:43 AM

Just think you won't have to dye your canal green for St Patrick's day!!! All brought to you by Red Tide Rick!

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Aug-31-18 8:09 PM

It should not go unnoticed which political party repealed the septic tank inspection. Perhaps not though, since everyone knows the party that relentlessly fights environmental stewardship and regulations. It is the party of dirty air and water. It is the party that never met a polluter they wouldn’t sell a legislative favor to for campaign support.

Polluters and corrupt politicians go hand in hand. I sometimes think they are the object of the negative quip of “Birds of a Feather Flock Together”.

Corrupt, dirty Republicans!

There can be no claims of “we just didn’t understand the problem” of septic tank overflows. Republicans studied and had prepared legislation to deal with this pollution of our ground water and streams. They just couldn’t bring themselves to do the right thing. They can’t govern honestly. They killed the legislation and they killed the environment of Florida.

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Sep-01-18 6:45 AM

My understanding of the function and purpose of septic tanks and of ordinary sewage treatment plants is that they are intended to stem the tide of sewage-borne DISEASE. . They do virtually NOTHING toward keeping the nutrients of sewage OUT of the environment.

This is unfortunately inherent in the process : No amount of maintenance or inspections will alter it.

If the reader knows better, please explain, with references.

The ONLY ways to control the dispersal of nutrients into our waterways is to reduce population density OR to haul the fecal/urinary/garbage part of sewage away for radical treatment. . Current methods of handling these add many gallons of fluid to the matter, thus exacerbating the problem straight away ! !

It thus turns out that the old fashion Chamber Pot is pretty high-tech ! ! ! -- until it is improperly emptied.

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Sep-01-18 10:41 AM

When you disagree in a technical matter, have the backbone to state WHY ! ! !

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Sep-02-18 8:49 AM

Progressives and socialists make the problems worse, not better. Ron DeSantis, Matt Caldwell, and Rick Scott are the leaders who must do the will of We the People and save our land, our water and our economy. We direct, they will serve.

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Sep-02-18 8:55 AM

Lestino, you err in calling Scott and Caldwell leaders. They are bought and paid for by big ag. They need to go. DON'T VOTE CALDWELL

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Sep-02-18 8:58 AM

Nothing can be done about the existing septic tanks in north Cape until we build another sewage treatment plant. Tens of millions of dollars are needed for that plant. Do taxpayers have a stomach for that?

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Sep-02-18 10:34 AM

Lestino, you have succumbed to the GoPer-BigMoney PoliProaganda : Pity ! ! !

Sir, you are suffering from SEVERE Political, Social and Economic Masochism -- Unless you are a member of the 1% -- AND even then in the LONG-TERM ! ! !

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Sep-02-18 2:34 PM

Netra., we used to think of sewage treatment plants and the like as an investment in infrastructure. Then along came Jones, slow…Jones…no thinking Jones. He only understood cut taxes, couldn’t take time or didn’t have time (from overworked profiteering) to read evidence based facts.

The environment is not infinite like Limbaugh and Trump (all Republicans) apparently believe. It is recyclable within limits. You pay up front or pay later (more). This is why we must make developers and home builders pay realistic impact fees (to sustainability). Unfortunately now.. that is not enough.

We are living through what happens when we let corrupt Republicans lie in our faces.

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Sep-02-18 2:35 PM

Taxpayers really have only two choices : Pay up or Leave.

The criminals here are the State and County officials who allowed septic tanks into densely populated areas in the first place. . The General Population relied upon them to do the right thing -- Instead, they did the "Right" thing, the Conservative thing : Defended and Enabled the Quick-Buck-Guys ! ! !

'Twas Ever Thus ! ! ! . Some Jail Time for these officials would be wonderfully efficacious here.

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Sep-02-18 9:41 PM

Allen, there is another - no choice. They hang in there hoping the bigger sucker will come along and buy their disaster. Miami is facing another version of it (Climate refugees). Those with the means are becoming Altitude Gentrification citizens. They are buying up the high ground property. Some are even speculating on it. That is a fool’s errand, as the costs of trying to rescue the inundated parts of the city come home to roost. That is coming here as well.

Anyway, those remaining will be faced with less and less services as values and tax revenues decline. Less tourist work will be available. Hope will ebb and flow. Democrats will inherit the declining city and Republicans will say they caused this disaster.

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Sep-03-18 6:00 AM

The usual GoPer Ignorance and Venality are once AGAIN on clear display here today ! ! !

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Sep-03-18 8:53 AM

lolololol...more all Republicans are evil/Democrats Saints silly tripe... Same low IQ hate based childishness from the twisted twins in fantasy land. One would think chronically displaying one's hate based ignorance 4-8 times a day would be enough but obviously not. As in most cases and as we see here daily(x 10) from the completely irrational "liberal" "deep thinking" peanut gallery... the patient is the last to understand their illness. You two are quickly running out of time to try and finally grow up.

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Sep-03-18 10:08 AM

YES, Seafood, indeed : IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO GROW UP ! ! !

It must be terribly embarrassing to be YOU or your ilk ! ! !

Of course, most GoPers simply CAN NOT help themselves : Brain Malfunction ! ! ! -- But they generally have the common sense to lie low under their comfy li'l rock or shrub : NOT YOU ! ! !

Pore li'l feller ! ! !

Maybe Monsanto can come up with a suitable GoPercide ?

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Sep-03-18 10:12 AM

“New Fear in Miami: Climate Gentrification” Wealthy people migrate to older neighborhoods that are farther from the beach

Rising sea levels reshape Miami’s housing market, older neighborhoods that sit well above sea level face major changes in the years ahead. Jesse Keenan, a real-estate professor/Harvard University Graduate School of Design, calls the process climate gentrification, in which lower-income residents get pushed out of higher-up neighborhoods as demand soars, money pours in and prices rise. “Wall Street Journal” The study advances an “elevation hypothesis,” that real estate at higher elevations in cities at risk for climate change and sea-level rise appreciates at a higher rate than elsewhere. It focuses on Greater Miami, the area of the country most at risk from climate change. Authors track differential values, between 1971 and 2017, of properties at different levels of elevation and risk from sea-level rise (based on data from the U.S. Geological Survey)

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Sep-03-18 10:36 AM

Back to the LTE and less, Hillary lost the election so we are going to continue to make complete fools of ourselves by constantly harassing & provoking others showing our amazing immaturity at such a late date in life. Anyway, maybe because of the obvious gravity of the situation, till connected to treatment plants mandatory pump outs and same time City or State inspections scheduled according to occupants per dwelling might be the only first choice option. I understood a pump out should be done every 3 years for a small household? 15 years is criminal negligence. I also believe 150 dollars for an inspection is way to high especially if a pump out is already underway and the system already opened for the inspector. Add that to the 2-3 hundred(thought it was 2 last time) for the pump out and it becomes pricy for fixed income residents on a one day charge.

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Sep-03-18 11:05 AM

NB -- Sorry, Ole Feller : NO AMOUNT OF MAINTENANCE changes anything important to the present issue ! ! ! : The nutrients STILL go into the groundwater, the canals and the surface water ! ! !

Close Mouth, Check Wikipedia ! ! !

The only solution is to capture ALL wastes (fecal, urinal and garbage) and to HAUL THEM AWAY from marine areas, such as Florida : Store them in the desert ! ! ! -- Build the Mountains of *S***t* ! ! ! . Chuckle .

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Sep-03-18 11:09 AM

NB -- BTW, my comment on Septic Tanks ALSO applies to conventional Wastewater Treatment Plants.

The problem is much, MUCH greater ($$$$$$$$) than you or most folk have so far envisioned ! ! !

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Sep-03-18 4:05 PM

Well Mr. Woolschdts..only you with your far superior intellect could understand things us mere mortals can't comprehend. You really never tire of being a complete horses arse in your zeal to be noticed do you? Uncanny..shameless...pathetic.

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Sep-03-18 4:45 PM

Seafood -- YOU ARE MISTAKEN ! ! !

Sadly so ! ! !

But, of course, you are a well-versed authority on the rear parts of horses, without ANY doubt at all ! ! !

Chuckle ! ! ! -- Sir, You are UTTERLY out of your water -- ONCE AGAIN ! ! !

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Sep-04-18 10:38 AM

Of course u are right Mr Wollschdts.. I agree.. only you with your far superior intellect could understand things us mere mortals can't comprehend. You tell us several times daily how mentally superior u are and I fully agree with you. I also think u should be in total charge to save all of humanity.

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Sep-05-18 3:33 PM

That's it work it out old boy... lololol focus that anger..think about it tonight!! Yummy!! You can plan tomorrows attack!! ...Hot Dawg!!... Why Don't the fools realize that YOU should be in charge!!!?? Bet you have a hard time sleepin with all that bottled up rage...?? Watch that BP!! We certainly wouldn't want to lose you Mr. Wollschdts.

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Sep-05-18 4:34 PM

Seafood : A reliable benchmark for Utter cluelessness ! ! !

It is a marvel -- He does it SO WELL ! ! !

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