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Delay Cape’s $60 million bond vote

August 24, 2018

To the editor: Before voting this November, carefully consider the potential long-term effects of the algae bloom and red tide on property values and loss of local businesses and tourism....

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Aug-25-18 7:49 PM

This council is like a cancer on the city of Cape Coral. Instead of concentrating on the needs of the city, they have abandoned their responsibilities and jumped to the nebulas world of unbridled spending on wants and political legacies called parks and recreation. This posture will come back to bite them where it hurts.

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Aug-25-18 12:23 PM

Add ALS increased risks as well.. Guess we better keep the 60 million buck park/land deal boondoggle locations all inland? Put em all in the upper NE Cape? Far from the water as possible? I wonder if the city will ever fix the roads up there so we can get to these fabulous new parks without breaking the shocks on my car? Oh well priorities?

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Aug-25-18 10:55 AM

Dr Larry Brand, a professor in the Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science at University of Miami, studies a neurotoxin found in the blue-green algae called BMAA stated “There’s increasing evidence now that it can lead to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons and A***R”.

“The research I’m doing right now is trying to determine if this BMAA gets into the air. I think it does, but we haven’t done the definitive study so we’re working on that right now,” “I myself would recommend that people avoid breathing the air near these blooms as much as possible.” Borys says she doesn’t think the state has done enough to warn people. - Read full article on wink news

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Aug-25-18 10:34 AM

Can anyone tell me if the Mayor is an agent or broker?

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Aug-25-18 10:18 AM

DOAshrimp - I don't know too much about our Mayor. It does appear that he wants to build CC overnight. Just this week at the Final Budget Workshop, our Mayor suggested building a Sports Complex at Oasis School! I feel his priority should be our water crisis, not a sports complex. Until our government can get an upper hand on our water crisis, it's inevitable that more families are going to permanently leave Cape Coral. Let's hold off with all of this spending until we find out where we stand. With no-end in sight, many families claim that they will NOT continue to deal with this water crisis & vulgar air quality. Residents are in fear for their health, as well as the health of their children. It is now being reported that this algae is linked to Alzheimer's, ALS & Parkinson disease.

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Aug-25-18 9:08 AM

With all the enviro devastation around us I also see this 7 islands project, ruining peoples neighborhoods and life long dreams of a nice home in a quiet neighborhood, as another huge threat to the enviro as well. Can't imagine all the boat traffic (pollution) going behind Matlacha in that little sliver of water, a marina(s)and all the unintentional pollution a marina brings. Developers get rich and their political whores get rich doing their bidding. Environment? Who cares..Its about bucks..always has been. Parks won't help us if we are getting sick while on the edge of economic disaster. Children in masks & respirators enjoying our nice parks...sweet! Council do something USEFUL 4 a change..fix the roads instead of letting certain individuals get rich on new land deals for un-needed parks in the middle of an enviro/HEALTH disaster that gets worse yearly. Wake up. Vote No.

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Aug-25-18 8:28 AM the Mayor in the real estate business? Broker?

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Aug-24-18 6:36 PM

QUOTE "A year-long delay of Cape Coral's $60 million bond vote for parks is not unreasonable to get a glimpse of what the future might hold" -- I agree 100%. Currently, with the uncertainty of SWFL's water quality and the health effects from this Red Tide and Blue/Green algae, we could be looking at a financial disaster. SWFL banks on tourism. It's a domino effect. Our restaurants and bars are all feeling the pain. Less and/or no visitors, translates into empty bars, restaurants, hotels, stores, hospitality businesses etc.

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