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Guest opinion: Conservation 20/20 continues to thrive

August 24, 2018

This week, the Lee Board of County Commission had the opportunity to discuss our successful Conservation 20/20 program....

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Aug-25-18 12:43 AM

Be a man and take responsibility for your party's hands off of taking care of our clean water and air.

You are young enough to face the same kind of debacle with rising sea levels from Global Warming, Only it will be much worse when u have to think about building another lock West of Ft Myers to hold it back.

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Aug-25-18 2:40 PM

Fortunately Comrade Corpolov with the Earth already entered in the newest 200 year long mini-ice age (brought to us of course by a decreased solar activity cycle - which ultimately controls all heat and cooling on Earth)Your 1/2 inch a century rise won't bother u a bit while you sit broadcasting your faith based fully duped silliness high in the hills and hollers of Tennessee taking care of us here in Cape Coral. Say Hi to PT Gore for me will you. Maybe its time for Corporal Porkrind to FINALLY TRY to be a man for once, grow up and stop with his low IQ mantra script that All Republicans are evil/All Democrats Saints routine... The recess bell rang 30 minutes ago Lil corporal..late again.

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Aug-25-18 5:02 PM

Seafoodle -- You are just sooooooooooooooooooo sick ! ! !

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Aug-25-18 8:00 PM

Good idea, lets protect the flora and fauna via the 20/20 land conservation, AND KILL EVERYTHING THAT LIVES IN OUR WATERWAYS by DOING NOTHING TO STOP THE ALGAE INCURSIONS.

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Aug-25-18 10:14 PM

It is an assault on humanity to spread that lying corporate meme DOAkolov. At best it is supported by 1-3% of hired liar scientists that put profit before people.

To propagandize such as that puts u among a rarified element as in remnants that settle to the bottom of ponds.

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Aug-26-18 1:14 PM

Mr Pendergrass you could help save/clean the water and conserver land all in one blow. Buy the 7 Islands from the City and stop the Crazy over development of our waterfront and preserve the fantastic wild area it is. Stopping the development there will keep a vital buffer of land in place while also keeping runoff and algae growth out of the spreader canal and Matlache. With the huge over build the City has planned for 7 islands the added boat traffic, runoff and Marinas all but guarantee a blue green out break in the spreader canal and Matlache.

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Aug-26-18 10:11 PM

Loss of revenue on Fort Myers beach now at $2.5 million per week. Some restaurant owners say their revenue is only 40% of normal.

Friends say some charter boat captains making some money cleaning out canals and waterways. Have been monitoring the beach cams each day. Usually no one on the water or beach.

Years and years of no action by the Republican legislature will continue.

Well, they have been serving the developers and spending tax dollars to pay giant corporations to move here further exacerbating human density on a fragile resource.

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Aug-27-18 8:44 AM

Agree | Disagree

Search: angry O'bumo psychotics living in Tennessee that believe that Democrats don't use toilets, don't have their lawns sprayed, don't own boats, don't own farms or business's, don't drive cars, don't receive "donations" from the sugar industry and don't vote for huge subsidies for them yearly in D.C. and hasn't been a Senator (Democrat (Nelson) for -DECADES- PROMISING 30 years ago to address the pollution. Our hate based malcontent watching over us from Tn. is back to his daily acting out with the always beyond childish all Democrats Saints/all Republicans evil illness. Give us more "evidence based facts" Comrade PT antisense. Start with your famous "All Republicans want to kill manatees" This chronic angry childish nonsense was why Comrade antisense was power booted from the local radio(92.5FM)and The News Press sadly somehow finding a home here to spread his daily poison.

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Aug-27-18 7:44 PM

Another example of Red State and Republican local government sells environmental regulation out to the profiteers. Poison is the cost we citizens pay.

Search: Kansans drank contaminated water for years and weren’t told | The Wichita Eagle

The people’s environment has and is for sale by the Republican Party. And you eat (and drink) it up!

Indigestion now, stomach cancer now? U reap what you sow!

Yes, I am shaming Republicans. They deserve it.

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Aug-28-18 10:40 AM

The daily installment of all Democrats are Saint's/All Republicans are evil...lolololol.. (Obviously, it can't help itself) (Think it gives it a feeling of power, self worth?) Anyway...More "evidence based facts" from the lil corporal and I quote, "All Republicans are Russian spies and racist's and should be dragged through the street" ...And corporal passed over's famous recent quote here about, "Republican Pigs!" I guess giving Mikey (anticorp)a place here to daily vent his evil (banned everywhere else)is a good thing as it keeps these obviously out-of-control zealot types busy & off the roads.. I hope the family has taken his quote, "new sexy weapons" away already! YIKES!!lololol

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Aug-28-18 2:29 PM

Seafood -- You are nothing less than a deliberate liar ! ! !

I have stated countless times that I view all elected politicians of ANY stripe, exactly the same way : Corrupt or Corruptible -- and CERTAINLY never as saints ! ! !

Your comment claiming that I am "broadcasting that all Republicans are evil/all Democrat/Communists are Saints" is ENTIRELY of your own utterly and completely silly, moronic invention.

You need to grasp -- if you somehow can -- that were the present aims (Endless Corporate Merger) of RepubliCONservatives to triumph, we would experience a more hurtful form of what amounts to Communism (Economic, Social and Political Monolithism) than even the Soviets ever created ! ! ! -- NOT in name, granted, but certainly in its function and in its effect upon each individual person ! ! !

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Aug-29-18 8:43 AM

Yawn...But We already have triumphed Mr Angry Always Completely Irrational Wollschdts. The decent folks of America elected Sir Trump and rejected YOU & your kind..YOU lost, actually were slaughtered... No memo?? lololol You can irrationally rave & moan & squeal & skate to mama till the cows come home.. Pls do as its always good for a morning belly laugh. Don't see any commies yet Wild -eye except on the "democrat party" ticket. lololol Ramble on angry short-timer. Congrats to Rep. Ron D last night... Now lets get do nothing Democrat takin up space for decades Nelson out to pasture. (TERM LIMITS NEEDED)Most importantly in the near future is to soundly defeat the Democrat/Communist running for Gov. of Florida. Go Republicans!! No "progressive"/Communist/Democrat wacko politicians in Florida! Go Trump!! Great Job!!

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Aug-29-18 2:58 PM

Seafood -- You have obviously completely lost your moorings : You are clueless, but I sure would like to see your expression when the TRUTH finally snares you ! !

Chuckle, Chuckle, Chuckle ! ! !

But sooooooooooooooooooooooo sad ! ! !

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Aug-30-18 8:46 AM

Poor thing laughin cryin a wreck it seems and because its sooooooooooooooooooooo (did I use enough o's? The more O's the more credibility?? lolol)sad and because I'm a drippin rich Conservative Independent with a big heart I will be sending you TWO cases of the newest edition -TRUMP DESIGNER CRYIN & MOANIN TISSUES to help dry your sad lil wild-eyes. ONLY to be used in your designated safe space area for best results. Pls share.

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Aug-30-18 4:58 PM

According to a Tampa Bay Times report, in 2011 Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s administration cut $700 million in water management funding, about 40 percent of the state’s water management district's budget Scott’s administration says water management districts create their own budgets. The budgets are ultimately approved by state leaders like the Florida Senate president, the Florida House speaker and each water management district’s leaders who are appointed by the governor. However, Scott is running in a competitive senate race against Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson. Scott says this algae crisis is the federal government's fault.

But what about local control?????


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Aug-30-18 5:13 PM

After last nights comments from Andy Gillum its clear we have a far left make no bones about Socialist/Democrat on our hands in the mold of race baiters and dividers such as Big Al Pay No Taxes Sharpton, serial liar & USA hater Barack O'Sharpton Jr, Jessie and Louis Fake-a-Con. His outright racist comments about an America hero's comment only appeals to the hate filled, hate Trump, low IQ crowd in our country and its sad to see this man even in the running. I hope this was the publics first wake up call about this newest Demodisaster. We are healing after 8 years of Barack O'Sharpton Jr. & wife's(?) division. We don't need another obvious racist to bring us down once again. Once again vote a big NO to the Democrat socialist wanna-be's and racists and keep ourselves strong, large and in charge.

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Aug-30-18 8:40 PM

Oh, Seafood -- Everyone knows that it was in fact the Hate-Filled, Low-IQ, White-Suprem, JustPlainDumb crowd who slithered forth to elect The Trum-PEST.

You REALLY just CAN NOT handle a FACT, can you -- you and your pitiful ILK ! ! ! . Tisque ! !

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