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The buck starts here

August 17, 2018

To the editor: Stop passing the buck. The algae problem starts with local planning. Lake O did not put fecal matter in the water at the Bimini Basin or the Yacht Clu....

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Aug-24-18 7:59 AM

Pore sick Li'l Turtle ! ! !

It CAN NOT be fun ! ! !

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Aug-24-18 7:45 AM

Poor old short timer skatin hypocrite coward.. same cowardly running different day... What a disgrace in his bright yellow always.

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Aug-24-18 7:18 AM

Seafood -- In your repetitious, nonsensical torrent of words just below, is there something buried there that you actually wanted to say ? ? ?

I do not think so ! !

(Chuckle ! ! !) -- Ha-Ha ! ! !

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Aug-23-18 4:13 PM

OOOOhh Mr've really damaged me with ur superior intellect!! I heard the bell, recess is over wild-eye.. 85 going on 8. Maybe it's the algae that's got him soo crazy?? So it appears that you -do agree- with brother Comrade Corpolov's wild and "evidence based" lolol..ludicrous statements. That figures... Maybe u can offer the "evidence based facts" for him as he can't. So tell us ..give us your "evidence based facts" and I quote, "All Republicans are Russian spies and racists" Show us you're just not hot libby bad gas?? Go The Evidence please.. Put down those skates.. Evidence?? Then I have lots more.. Better get out your "evidence" or it will expose u even further as totally meaningless only using this forum to spread your irrational libby sore loser hate and anger 10 times a day. Yet another "liberal" total fraud with -0- credibility. You two are a riot lolol!!

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Aug-23-18 1:45 PM

Seafood -- It IS TRUE that some folk NEVER grow up ! !

You yourself are indeed a truly and magnificently outstanding example of just EXACTLY that phenomenon ! ! !

Thank you for performing that important service for us all ! ! !

(Chuckle ! ! ) -- And even Ha-Ha ! ! !

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Aug-23-18 8:51 AM

Since our Comrade Porkrind sees itself as the President of the evidence based always superior "thinking man's" team of Democrats ...well it made me curious. Mikey, I was wondering if YOU could support your many statements and present the evidence to support your wild paranoid hate based ravings? Soo many of ur QUOTES to examine....lets see Trump is a Russian & Chinese spy. Evidence? NEVER..All Republicans are Russian spies and racists.. Evidence? NEVER.. All Republicans want to kill manatees. Evidence? When you're finished running and spinning from these quotes.. Have plenty more for you, " Mr. Evidence" lololol What a total always. Poor Corporal Porkrind. Some folks will never grow up.

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Aug-20-18 4:07 PM

I’m so so sorry Emilio. I should have just absorbed the personal insults delivered by u and not given as good as I got. Sometimes I forget just how complicated the folks on the Right are. The faith based facts team appears to view our world through a special prism that sheds rose color tones on their criticisms of opponents but hues of dark purple and blue when it is directed in their direction. U must all be graduates of Trump University. News flash! You were duped. Your numero uno loves to name drop Warton as his Alma-Ata even though 2,000+ current students and alumni of the Wharton School of Business have condemned him in an open letter. Under the heading “You Do Not Represent Us,” the signatories to the letter tell Trump that they are “deeply disappointed” in him.

If this were a team sport it is clear you’d demand home field advantage and supply the referees.

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Aug-20-18 2:49 PM

No, Emilio -- Skillfully created Political Propaganda intended to delude the Common Man and paid for by BigMoney -- THAT is what elected The TrumPEST ! ! ! . See P J Goebbels writings ! !

We do agree on one thing at least : I have no use for Political Parties and would ban them had I the power to do so.

However, I really want to go one step further : Eliminate elected politicians entirely -- No more "Representatives" -- Let the voters decide what issues are to be considered and then which solutions are to be applied, leaving BigMoney wholly in the lurch.

Let any significant Interest Group propose the issues. . Any money spent on promotion must be shared with significant opponents and vice-versa.

With this arrangement, meaningful, positive Democracy has a chance to prevail.

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Aug-20-18 1:05 PM

Allen you are one in the same as anti brain and I will waist no more time with you either. Your opinion means nothing to me as apparently you cannot read. I SUPPORTED NO PARTY AT ANY TIME LET ALONE HORNOR ONE. you have no idea which party if any I belong to. All you know is I voted Republican once. In your deeply thought out opinion 99.9% of the common man thinks like you and anti brain or they are immoral masochists. Trump won PA. Fl OH MI WI IN all are your so called common man states let alone nearly all the other bread basket "comman man"states. Must be a lot of immoral common men out there. You think the comman man lives in CA WA OR NY think again if possible without hurting yourself. The "comman man" put Trump in office.

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Aug-20-18 11:57 AM

Emilio -- Unless you are hideously wealthy AND immoral, there is, ImO, no rational ground for honoring Republican Political, Social and Economic Philosophy.

For the Common Man (99.9-% of us) to do so, such would be an act of Political, Social and Economic Masochism !

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Aug-20-18 11:14 AM

Anti-Brain I am done talking to you forever. You know nothing about me. Yet I am full of white power. Exactly what nationality do you think the name Emilio is? You simply throw everyone into 1 bag and insult them. I said nothing about Obama being bad. I said I don't believe in open boarders(the reason I voted for Trump) I said nothing about any Party period. I was very specific in Calling out Schumer and Pelosi as being hypocrites. It is very clear that every election cycle ALL politicians become hypocrites, those two happen to be real professionals. My whole editorial was how it is NOT ok wreaking havoc on the environment in the name of progress regardless of party. You know nothing about me, who or what policies I support out side of what you read here, yet you are convinced you know all about me and where I and all other Republicans stand on every issue. You are a pompous know it all shallow minded*****incapable of the logical debate needed to solve REAL problems.

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Aug-20-18 5:52 AM

Bet u love Kavanaugh as a pick for SCOTUS Emilio.

Republicans on the environment:

“Judge Kavanaugh’s legal philosophy is clear: In the absence of explicit instructions from Congress, any far-reaching effort by the E.P.A. to tackle environmental problems should be met with deep skepticism by the courts. That philosophy often put him sharply at odds with the Obama administration, which sought to harness older environmental laws to deal with newer challenges like global warming. His approach to environmental law would make it harder to address current problems so long as Congress remains out of the lawmaking business.”

I know, Obama was dangerous. He supported the science on AGW, Clean Air and Clean Water Acts. He imposed CAFÉ standards raising mpg of gasoline for our cars.

Baaad Obama!

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Aug-19-18 10:50 PM

It just occurred to me....

There is something missing from this environmental disaster. It is the statement by some agile politician proclaiming this is once again a "natural phenomena".

How many times have you swallowed that line Emilio?

Here is another you can look forward to in the future:

"What we need is a good hurricane or tropical storm to flush all this out of here."

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Aug-19-18 10:37 PM

Emilio, perhaps it will sink in…eventually, the politicians u have been supporting (REPUBLICANS) have been sacrificing the environment. Let’s start at the top w/POTUS and Congress and their anti-environmental policies right down to the commissioners and Mayors laying out the red carpet for any business/corporate interest w/generous campaign funds. It really stinks trying to clean up after them doesn’t it? Here is some light reading that may buoy your spirits[not]: (nose plugs and masks recommended)

“Millions of pounds of dead fish have washed up on Florida beaches. This is what happens to them next”

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Aug-19-18 5:28 PM

Anti brain if you had been paying attention instead of constantly ranting at anyone who does not see it your way you would have noticed I have been speaking about this for the last 5 years. I have organized and participated in more river clean ups than you have brain cells. My guess is I have donated more money to humanitarian and environmental causes than you have made in your life time.

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Aug-19-18 2:50 PM

Seafood : Chuckle, Little Boy ! ! !

Hark ! ! ! -- Your Momma is calling ! ! !

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Aug-19-18 12:39 PM

Lets pause for a moment and examine Comrade anticorp's "evidence based" "facts" that he proudly typed for all to see. Quotes - All Republicans are racists and Russian Spies. President Trump is a racist , a Russian spy and a Chinese spy. All Republicans want to kill manatees...there's more childish drool...but its more pointless senile baby talk. Its clear this is a very very irrational angry passed over little creature that gets a big fat 0 in the credibility dept. and why he was power booted off the local radio and the Ft Myers News Press.. sadly for local readers finding a permanent home in the Breeze to continue to spread his sickness, hate, lies, incredible hypocrisy and cowardice.

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Aug-19-18 11:22 AM

Emilio, it doesn’t bother me at all to find you acknowledging the positives of Greener, Cleaner, less dense development. And BTW your outdoors activities do not an environmentally conscious citizen make. Clearly the pain is being borne by u as u waited so long to speak out on issues that put u at odds with policies of your tribe. I am only surprised u Righties let the filth creep so high over your shoes before u begin to cry uncle.

I’ll give u this. You prove the old Cracker axiom, “if you’re going to be dumb u better be tough.”

No sir, I welcome u to the world of evidence based facts that are assaulting your senses.

Your next step into reality is admitting those u support put power and money above humanity. But that may require a direct hit on you and yours personally.

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Aug-19-18 9:06 AM

Emi -- What is all this "hate and bias" you speak of ? ?

Who is hating what ? ? . What bias ? ? . Be specific.

Your comment is indeed puzzling.

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Aug-19-18 7:50 AM

Lets get back to talking about the Capes poor water quality and what role our local govt played in creating this mess and what steps it can take to help reverse it. Sensible development is a concept that has become lost in SW Florida. You cannot put high rise high density housing and large marinas on every inch of waterfront and expect to keep algae and pollution at bay. Banning straws is not the answer to cleaner local waterways. Eco friendly development is. Brown Un swimable beaches and Canals full of fecal matter and algae is what the Cape and Ft Myers has become famous for all in the name of progress and tax revenue. How's that been working out for you?

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Aug-19-18 6:55 AM

Anti you miss the whole point I am not a far right nut but when I read your over the top dribble about how I'm crushing the working class (which I am a part of) surpressing your choice of govt white power garbage I can only take you as a nut and disregard anything you have to say because it is all driven by hate and bias.

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Aug-18-18 10:29 PM

I voted for Trump in the primary when he was imitating Bernie. Then it became clear he would serve corporate interests AND NOT THE PEOPLE, as his early populist rhetoric suggested and his actions belie.

As far as attacking Republicans, it is all about who is doing the deeds that serve corporations and not the working class and poor. Life ought to b about making the best choice one can when it comes to politics. The Republicans are crushing the working class and poor of every drop of their equity. There is no limit to their lying and corruption to serve the corporate model.

Granted the Progressives are only able to talk the talk as they struggle in this corrupted system of politics, dark money, gerrymandering the SCOTUS ruling on Citizen’s United vs SEC. I have the feeling u reject that the majority of Americans deserve the right to choose their government and are clinging to a White dominated power structure.

How the White Right Wing Nuts take me means less than 0.

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Aug-18-18 5:17 PM

Anti It may scare u a bit 2 b on the same side of this issue as me. I voted 4 Trump and will vote 4 him again. I think Schmer and Pelosi are hipacritical idiots. I am also a flyfisherman kayaker Mt. Biker and spend every chance I get outdoors I think open borders as well as screwing up the environment is wrong. We don't all fit in 1 bag Dems as well as Rep. Have punted on this issues for years. There r plenty of stupid people on both sides of the fence. Don't b 1 of them if u would lose ur bias to anything related to anything Republican More people would take you seriously we have more in common than not.Vote ur mind not ur party that's how things get done

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Aug-18-18 5:09 PM

antico -- In a space left alone, Weeds and cockleburrs die last ! ! -- And their effects linger.

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Aug-18-18 4:02 PM

You nailed it Emilio. It is all about chickens coming home to roost.

Limbaugh fans like Ele are having face "evidence based fact" that humans can impact our environment. It is not an endless resource for us to exploit. The question is will the Smoke and Noise Crowd just die so humanity can set right what their dirty selfish ways have wrought?

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