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Make polluters pay

August 10, 2018

To the editor: The 1.5 million people in Southwest Florida and many more on the east coast are a dumping ground for polluters! I hear that the algae is even seen now as far north as Tampa....

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Aug-13-18 10:03 PM

It appears that we have a houseful of Professional Polluters on hand here ! ! ! . It figures ! ! !

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Aug-12-18 10:14 AM

Hey Disagreers immediately below : EXPLAIN yourselves ! !

Well, I will do it for you : You are Political & Economic Masochists.

What a "laugh" you are ! ! !

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Aug-11-18 8:37 PM

Trump wants to give MORE incentives (tax subsidies) to polluters like the coal industry.

His tariffs amount to a war on the Solar Industry in the US. It is in free fall since his hairbrained policies have been brought to the fore.

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Aug-11-18 5:37 PM

antico -- It is such a straightforward concept -- Does THAT perhaps explain why GoPers seem to be NOT able to grasp it ? ?

The idea is this : Do whatever you want to ON your land -- but you are 100% liable for damages caused to others by ANYTHING that leaves that land via groundwater, the atmosphere or surface water. . THAT obviously includes even noise & light ! !

One only needs to have a warm body to understand it -- Oooops - Maybe THAT is the difficulty ?

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Aug-10-18 5:15 PM


Seafood is apparently absolutely determined to author junk comments -- But it would be kind to us all were he to vary the the flavor a bit now and then ! ! !

"Hate-Based" ? ? ? -- lololololololol ! ! ! -- Just GOOFY ! ! !

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Aug-10-18 2:11 PM

Interesting well thought out factual LTE! Compared to the hate based ravings of Comrade Corpolov.. He thinks.. They think lololol... Good Lord...lololol basically another version of Comrade anticorp's always childish, all Democrats are Saints/ All Republicans are evil, IQ of a bag of pork rinds nonsense. Grow up old fake news. Get a new script. Poor Corporal.

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Aug-10-18 10:04 AM

Trump thinks the cost of environmental regulations is excessive and EPA should lower standards for environmental quality and lower costs of implementation. That’s what some serious, mainstream conservative Republican policy intellectuals think should happen too. He thinks the EPA should lower standards for environmental quality. He/they are so dumb the they don’t get the EPA laws were passed by congress and THE EPA is charged with enforcement. I guess that is giving the finger to congress. They invented the Clean Water and Clean Air ((((ACT)))). That means ACT OF CONGRESS.

This is what those that vote Republican wrought. Wish they were JUST like a bad cold and not literally be the death of us.

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Aug-10-18 9:39 AM

Seafood - Thank you for the exact response that I anticipated receiving from you and your sorts ! ! !

You Pore Li'l Feller : Completely inert, your head must be filled with Argon or some other Noble, but INERT gas.

(Chuckle ! ! )

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Aug-10-18 8:55 AM

Huh?? lololol

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Aug-10-18 7:18 AM

"Reap What You Sow" is simply now being felt by ALL of the citizens of SW Florida as a consequence of the irrational and/or reflexive political opinions of some of them.

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