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Mayor meets with Rubio rep on water issues

August 3, 2018

Cape Coral Mayor Joe Coviello says the city needs help getting businesses affected by the historic algal bloom sliming city canals back on track....

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Aug-03-18 5:22 PM

There is speculation here trying new technologies that are rushed through Environmental protection to TEST and alleviate, which is a short term fix,if it works at all. As Lake O, there is a plan in place and it must contain the C-43 Reservoir and holding area to cleanse the Water before sending it through our estuaries South. The more each organization and any leader denies their responsibility for fixing the issue and reverting to other methods, the more the Spin will continue. All levels of government at this point must step in and put the plan in place that the Marine Biologists, Scientists,and groups like Captains for Clean Water and many leaders too know the plan. This is not rocket science. As for Cape Coral 47th Terrace Streetscape, all projects that involve business or residents are usually bent with turmoil until completion. Business may suffer during the process, and will gain exponentially once the Streetscape is completed. Change isn't easy; we must continue growing

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Aug-03-18 4:26 PM

Reyemm. Your an idiot. Close a Navigable Waterway is your solution??? Also its called EMINENT Domain NOT "Imminent Domain" How about learning proper terminology before you go spewing your nonsense. If you are such a proponent of infrastructure you would realize the 47th Terrance Streetscape is going to repair aging infrastructure and beautify our crappy downtown area thus creating an environment favorable for local businesses. Which the Mayor is taking steps to promote. Regarding the Lake O releases...write and complain to the state and federal level. Our municipal government is doing all they can to solve this problem...And remember no one likes a crybaby

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Aug-03-18 12:13 PM

"Cape Coral Mayor Joe Coviello says the city needs help getting businesses affected by the historic algal bloom...." What about 47th terraces' STREETSCAPE debacles' affect on the businesses? The mayor is the last person I would ask for suggestions of any kind, to increase business. A blustering joke.

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Aug-03-18 12:04 PM

It is my opinion that THERE IS NO LONGER A NATIONAL SECURITY NEED FOR Lake “ O “ to be navigable from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico. Ergo, 1. CLOSE THE INTERCOSTAL WATERWAY from the Atlantic to the Gulf. Eliminate all the locks with their infrastructure costs 2. Open the drainage from Lake “ O “ through the original natural 3-5 flows to the south of the lake. 3. Restore the natural waterfall for the western drainage route thru the Caloosahatchie, and open the eastern natural drainage route to the St. Johns River. 4.Buy out the affected property owners to the south of Lake “ O “ through IMMINENT DOMAIN. ( at double their worth if necessary) In my opinion, these measures would be totally effective and would be less expensive than building the proposed reservoirs that would most likely be problematic for future generations.

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Aug-03-18 12:00 PM

As long as nobody is accountable, responsible, culpable, ( but then I repeat myself ) or are fired, replaced or go to jail, then the situation will only get worse. The FDEP allows polluted flows from the north in violation of Federal clean water act with NO pretreatment. It is my understanding that LtCol Reynolds is responsible personally for dumping the top layer of lake O without regard for anything and without any prior water treatment. This , in my opinion, should be considered RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT by a federal agency. (Reckless endangerment is a crime consisting of acts that create a substantial risk of serious physical injury to another person. The accused person isn't required to intend the resulting or potential harm, but must have acted in a way that showed a disregard for the foreseeable consequences of the actions.) Perhaps charges against LtCol Reynolds?

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