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Guest opinion: Demand action on the water crisis

August 3, 2018

The waters of Southwest Florida and our Gulf coast are in crisis from harmful blooms causing an unprecedented mass mortality of aquatic life not seen before at these levels in our are....

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Aug-06-18 12:55 PM

Come on now, Seafood : Only bouncing GoPer-Bobbleheads like you watch/listen to any FOX media ! ! !

Sheesh ! ! !

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Aug-06-18 12:20 PM

ANOTHER Twaddle Alert ! ! ! ! ! !

Seafood is just helpless/hapless before HIMSELF ! ! !

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Aug-06-18 10:23 AM

They're on a roll! Hilarious!! Water? Lets sum up Comrade Corpolovs last few weeks. All QUOTES.. All Republicans are Russian spies - are racists - are manatee killers - are killers on a global scale - and are cockroaches, that need to be drug thru the street!! end quotes.. Add to that further quotes from Comrade anticorp.. President Trump is a Russian AND Chinese spy and a racist. Obviously hate consumed struggling with reality and his station in life. Never seen such hate based low IQ ignorance - quite amazing at times..lololol.. These insane obviously uncontrollable hate speech ravings are why our Comrade anticorp was power booted off the local radio (92.5 FM)and The News Press, sadly somehow finding a permanent home here to continue to broadcast his low IQ cowardly delusions and hate based chronic hypocrisy from the safety of his keyboard in another State.

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Aug-06-18 7:25 AM

auntico -- Around sixty-five years ago, I read a SciFi story in Astounding Science Fiction magazine about some Space Explorers who stumbled across a REALLY curious planet. . (I put it now into the context of today).

Approaching it unchallenged, all (except THAT) appeared normal : The streets and highways, the railroads, the airways, the waterways and the sea traffic were all busy. . The Internet chattered, the factories and distribution centers were busy (without pollution). . Even the zoos, gardens, golf courses and parks were fully occupied and groomed with tasteful displays. . Of course, shopping malls had disappeared owing to the actions of the equivalents of Amazon and Walmart.

There was just ONE curiosity : There were NO PEOPLE ! ! ! . Full Automation had arrived, people got bored and they apparently stopped reproducing.

The stranglehold of the Corporatocracy is doomed -- but so, I think, are we humans ! ! !

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Aug-06-18 6:30 AM

To belabor the point of cause and effect, the “E” has been corralled. They are enslaved (wage slavery). Their rights and protections have been taken away (outlawed) by the influence of the Corpratocracy.

I suppose u could say those brought here on slave ships are to blame for not fighting to the death in resistance. Should the working class (to the person) engage in civil disobedience and/or violent revolution to bring down the system? If that is your criteria for who is at fault then the “E” is to blame.

Go forth Slave Owners! Brow beat them into submission.

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Aug-06-18 6:10 AM

auntico -- Regarding the culpability of the Electorate (E) :

The E put the GoPers INTO power;

The E can just as well take them OUT !

Therefore, ImO, it follows that the E is completely responsible ! !

Are you saying that the E is NOT responsible for this past and present miserable situation because they either were always, have spontaneously become or have by others been made DELUDED ? ? (The insanity plea).

I do NOT agree that the E can escape this onus sooooooooooo easily and conveniently.

Oh, Well : In the end, I think that overall, we are looking at the Human Condition/Dilemma into which we have all been placed by a curiously wacky (or malevolent) Creator ! ! !

So much FUN", is it not ! ! !

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Aug-05-18 10:30 PM

I think the “electorate” never was responsible for the condition of man and his government. In all groupings or society there are leaders and the led. It is nature of the beast that the onus is on the integrity of the leaders that decides. If they are corrupt the group fails or loses.

The Republicans have become more and more corrupt to the point of embracing the role of killers. In a sense they are guilty of genocide on a global scale. That is what happens when you know the effect of your policies and actions determine who lives and dies and you don’t care.

At least Democrats talk the talk of caring.

Republicans don’t care about the lives of others.

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Aug-05-18 7:59 PM

antico -- Just exactly what "false equivalence" do you refer to ? ?

It is, ImO, quite inescapable that the ultimate responsibility for our current situation as well as the past lies with the Electorate. . It has in virtually every election at all levels repeatedly demonstrated itself mostly unaware of its ongoing failures : We The People need to produce landslide elections, NOT knifedges.

Our current Electorate is simply NOT AT ALL EQUIPPED to participate in an effective Democracy ! ! ! . Its resistance to Political Propaganda is near zero -- in fact, it at times PREFERS Lies in the place of Truth when those lies honor their unfounded biases ! ! !

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Aug-05-18 7:46 PM

Severe respiratory warnings out at Ft Myers Beach according to the weather channel.

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Aug-05-18 7:38 PM

Sorry Allen, I can't indulge your false equivalence.

REPUBICANS have ruled Florida for decades. This (((existential disaster))) is on them.

Where are those cockroaches as their disaster unfolds? We need to drag them through the streets of SWF.

They (REPUBLICANS) are criminals. REPUBLICANS have been peddling the "Growth is a given - keeps taxes down" for 50 years. The party should be abolished.

"Fishing guide Chris O'Neill told the Fort Myers News-Press the red tide that began in October has left a trail of dead marine animals in waters all along Southwest Florida's beaches.

"It’s bad, and it smells like massive death," O'Neill told the newspaper. "I saw a manatee and a sea turtle and six tarpon dead in one small body of water. I only had to look for a couple of hours. It wasn’t hard to find. I could see six Goliaths Grouper laying on the beach at Boca Grande."

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Aug-05-18 11:41 AM

Continued from below.

WHAT does this boil down to ? ? ?

Democracy such as we claim to want can in the long term survive only among people of sufficiently Good Will. . ImO, we U S Citizens as of this date are far, FAR away from being able to consistently and reliably demonstrate such Good Will ! ! ! . We are DEFINITELY in deep, DEEP, BigTime trouble ! ! !

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Aug-05-18 11:40 AM

antico -- We CAN NOT establish and maintain a true, meaningful Democracy in the presence of the usual Party Politics -- Let alone current GoP Party Politics -- That is, a Democracy which enables us to live as a free, prosperous AND moral people ! ! !

Rabid GoPers should refer to the opening paragraphs of the Wikipedia article "Republican Party (United States)".

The gist of these is that BOTH parties have a checkered past in their Political Philosophies (including near reversals) and BOTH blithely slither about advocating whatever at all the Electorate might be covertly somehow persuaded (propagandized) to accept during a given political era -- all but with but one objective : POWER ! ! !

People can be persuaded to accept even what is clearly AGAINST their own long-term interests if the propaganda is sufficiently well designed and cleverly presented by gifted, high-power Charlatans : See US Elections, 2016.

Continued above.

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Aug-05-18 5:19 AM

But antico : Think of the DOLLAR$ ! ! !

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Aug-04-18 8:29 PM

Unhealthy oceans impact humans, animal health, and countries’ economies, said Lubchenco, noting that US coastal states are home to eight in 10 Americans and generated 83 percent of US GDP in 2007. NOAA scientists modeled future ocean and weather patterns predicting effect on blooms of toxic “red tide,” which can accumulate in shellfish and cause severe symptoms, including paralysis, in humans who eat the contaminated seafood.

The algae can produce neurotoxin domoic acid, causing food poisoning when consumed by humans and marine life. In serious cases, the neurotoxin triggers amnesic shellfish poisoning, that causes permanent short-term memory loss in humans.

“This year’s tide is one of the longest lasting and poisonous red tides scientists have documented. Fisheries have remained shut down for fear of seafood poisoning.’

Where are those cockroach REPUBLICANS? Defend your deregulation

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Aug-04-18 8:28 PM

Folks on Ft Myers Beach have to go inside in afternoon and evening because of onshore breeze and fumes from Red Tide that kills marine life and makes it difficult to breath. One said, "If it kills manatees and dolphins won't it harm humans?"

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Aug-04-18 8:00 PM


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Aug-04-18 6:13 PM

“This past week, President Barack Obama revealed his Clean Power Plan to the nation as a way to address warming ocean temperatures believed to be causing climate change.”

Remember when someone intelligent was in charge instead of a Fox watcher?

“Oceanographers believe a small patch of water slightly warmer than the surrounding Pacific, nicknamed “the blob,” may be the culprit. These blooms occur on a yearly basis but have become increasingly more frequent and widespread since the 1980s. Many suggest global warming may be to blame.”

“Global warming could spur the growth of toxic algae and bacteria in the world’s seas and lakes, with an impact that could be felt in 10 years, US scientists said Saturday. Studies …climate change make ocean and freshwater environments more susceptible to toxic algae blooms and allow harmful microbes and bacteria to proliferate, according to researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)”

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Aug-04-18 12:30 PM

antico -- We NON-Bobble-Heads have a SERIOUS problem : If the Bobble-Heads are sufficiently numerous, they control.

We need a PLAN -- A Bobble-Head REDUCTION Plan.

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Aug-04-18 11:00 AM

Ms Wessel, don’t get your hopes up. Environmentally, we are hanging on by our fingernails. The idiots are in charge of our government, elected by Fox News bobble heads.

They greedily consume the pabulum of Republicans that “growth is a given and keeps taxes down.” They believe solar energy and organic and Zeroscape are part of a “Stupid Liberal Conspiracy.” If Trump says dump poison into our air and waters and it makes America Great they nod and bray like *******es.

I’m convinced they want to destroy this planet and mankind as part of some idiot End Times & The Rapture plan.

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